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Weigh in Day 6/28/13 -1.8lbs, 57lbs down 33 to go.

30 Jun

I am THRILLED.  I was just hoping for a maintain but to get this type of loss, well I can say it was so much more than I could have imagined.

As it is probably obvious, I am late in posting my weigh in and that’s because we are on vacation.  This is our favorite week of every year, because it was this week 15 years ago Aaron and I met so we celebrate it in fun ways every year.  But as a junk food addict, I look forward to trips in general as a break from the healthy lifestyle I am trying to achieve, you know a VACATION from everything.  In the past this break has bled into the week before the vacation and the week after.  Which is why losing 1.8 pounds the week before our vacation is such a huge win for me!

Another big win, this is our first aggressively active vacation.  We started it out with a beautiful hike yesterday en route to our condo for the next week, have our 1st 14er ( mountain over 14,000 feet high) planned in the next few days as well as 3-4 other hikes planned.  Where we are staying has a beautiful gym overlooking the most inspiring set of mountains and we intend to use it.

Aaron has always been really healthy and fit, at every other vacation when he suggested healthy options I would fight it and typically win out.   Last week was no different while we were working out he said we should lift weights in addition to hiking to help stay on track.  My angry vacation monster was like WTF hiking is not enough???  But he is totally right and instead of snapping at him I bit my tongue and thought hard about what he was suggesting.  How difficult would it be to dedicate an hour each day to lifting weights?  It would allow me a certain freedom in terms of enjoying other aspects of vacation like eating and drinking, with out the typical weight gain.  But most importantly it would help cement my healthier life style transition.  Healthy people never take vacations from exercising, they work it into what ever they are doing on their vacation( at least that is what I have read).  I want to be a healthy person so that is what we are doing!

We got one new hike under our belts yesterday and it was another with intense mind-blowing views, man I so love Colorado.  I can’t wait to tell you about it and the other 3-4 we have planned, but it will take me a little bit so please bear with me.

Have a wonderful 4th of July week!

These perfect Columbines are part of the landscaping at where we are staying.

These perfect Columbines are part of the landscaping at where we are staying.

Weigh in Day 6/21/13 -1lb, 55.2 lbs down- 34.8 left to go

21 Jun

I was pretty thrilled with my loss this week especially since I was so sore from Saturday’s hike that I was essentially a slug on Sunday.

This has been a transformative week for me as our hike this past weekend really made me break through a wall I have let creep up over time.  The “I can’t do that” wall.   I can’t really pinpoint how the foundation started, but then again I never notice it until it is a couple of stories higher either,  suddenly anything that looks too hard is automatically an I can’t response.   This weekend we did a summit climb that was a million I cants the entire way up and down but I did it all, feeling a million times better for it!

It has changed my whole attitude this week and while I would love to lose this weight faster, I am perfectly content that I am in fact still losing weight.  It took me years to do this to myself, it’s going to take some time to fix it.

We have a good hike planned for tomorrow, part of it is a repeater while adding on additional peaks, mileage and altitude gain to our original attempt.   I am both nervous and crazy excited, as I often am on the eve of our hike!

I am leaving you with a cute picture of 2 of our cats I caught snuggling earlier this week.

There is nothing to see here, please move a long.

There is nothing to see here, please move a long.


Weigh in day 6/14/13 No Change….

15 Jun

I am OK with this no change.  It was a tough week in terms of staying on track so in and of itself, not gaining is a win.

Colorado has again been racked by wildfires and the devastation is staggering.  There is so much beauty here and seeing it lost in a matter of days is hard, it was hard for me to focus on our next hike or my diet thin king about all those who lost everything and all that was lost to us as a result.  I decided that my only goal this week was a no change.

Our hike today was AMAZING!!!!  It was also way harder than we thought it would be, well then I thought it would be since I do all the hike research and choosing.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but it was so taxing that we have decided that it will not be a 2 hike weekend after all.  Well the hike today and the fact that I barely slept all week due to the fall injuries from last weekend.

Weigh in Day 6/7/13 -1.2lbs, 54.2lbs down 35.8 to go.

7 Jun

I am thrilled with the loss this week!  I have been working out extra hard, not because I was focused on weight loss( even though I was sort of) but because I wanted to get extra conditioning for our weekend.  We have decided that we are going to really push our hiking these next 4 weekends leading up to our first 14er, which we hope to do the first week of July.

Here is  a random moment of shock from this week.  I was looking at the pictures we took on our Gem lake hike and noticed what I thought was swelling just above my knee….. thinking great all I need right now is a knee injury.   I kinda stewed on it for a few days because I didn’t want to admit there may be a problem.  I finally had Aaron check it out and he is like,” um yeah you are developing that muscle it is not swollen, look it’s over your right knee too”.  I have had muscular legs before, in fact I had powerhouse legs in high school when I played sports, but I have never developed muscles like I have been getting with hiking.  It makes me want to wear short skirts!  I guess I kinda knew it would build me some strong legs, but it never really hit me until these past few weeks when I throw on shorts and am like, whoa whose legs are those!

It is finally getting good and warm here but the snow is still holding out at those higher elevations, so this weekend we are going to do 2 hikes.  One is a repeater but a little higher than we have been able to get so far, I saw it on my girlfriend hike and there was no snow at the summit.  The second one I have been changing my mind on every 5 minutes so it is still a mystery to even me!  I know that I am looking for  a shorter hike with high elevation.

Weigh in Day 5/24/13 -1.2 lbs, 53.4 lbs down 36.4 left to go

25 May

I am thrilled that this week was finally one with a loss!!!!

It was a weird week in that I had to take it easy on in terms of working out, I have been battling with an ingrown toenail(super yuck!) for quite a while and last week while on St. Vrain Mt. trail I really aggravated it.  It was getting so close to better too.  What I could do was really scaled down then my usual week of working out, I wanted it to heal as much as possible before our hike today.  Let’s be honest I will always do whatever I can to make sure I don’t miss a chance to hike!

The other thing I did was eat less processed food, so far I have been doing a lot of Lean cuisine for meals and other stuff to get by.  This week was a lot more stuff I made or picked up from somewhere I could get the calories on to help me stay within my daily calorie allowance.

It paid off nicely, although I will not be skipping workouts again because I felt the difference in how well I hiked today but I did stock up on a lot more things for me to make from scratch and freeze to try a couple more weeks of changing up my diet.  I am sure it will help but I am also sure I will miss the convenience  of those lean cuisines and Smart ones!

It was a beautiful and warm week in Denver which made me extra look forward to hiking this weekend, since it is a long weekend we are going to do 2 hikes today is already done and we have another one planned for tomorrow.  I love long weekends!

I will leave with a picture of Nugget, he isn’t much of a cuddlier and so I let him get away with a lot when I can get him to sit on my lap, in this case  sacrificing the ties on my hoodie sweatshirt….. I am such a sucker for him.



Weigh in Day 5/17/13 NO CHANGE

18 May

no change…  which I guess means I need to change, right!?!?!?

The one thing I do have to say is that I am definitely getting smaller even if I am not losing weight, maybe I need to finally do some measurements.  I hate measuring but I need to change-up something to stay motivated!  Stay tuned….

That said, todays hike was all over the place, I am trying to figure out how to get it all down but it was good, then bad then good….and finally good.

I will get the details out as soon as I can!

Weigh in day 5/10/13 -.6, 52.2 lbs down 37.8 lbs to go

10 May

It has been a weird 2 weeks here.  I didn’t post at all last weekend because we left work early on Friday and drove up to Breckenridge to enjoy a weekend away and man did we enjoy it.  We hit the hot tub like crazy and drank way too much, while making sure we moved our butts enough to make all the excess not so bad.  When I looked at my fitbit at the end of Saturday we had walked almost 14.5 miles with a crazy amount of stairs climbed since we kept walking to and from our condo which was quite a climb up each time.  I think I figured it out to be 16 flights of stairs straight up each time we went back, the last time we were laughing too hard (and were maybe a little too drunk) to go very fast but we still climbed up.

The other reason I didn’t post my weigh in last week was because of my monthly visitor, I got it on Thursday and as is par for the course I gained 3 LBS in just 12 hours.  All water of course but I just didn’t want to step on the scale again until it was done.  It is a chicken’s way out but I don’t care.  I struggle every day with what I put in my mouth and how much, just like a recovering alcoholic I have to take it one day at a time.  I knew if I weighed in on Friday it would knock me right off the wagon,  to be honest I was kinda hanging half way off anyway.  So even though I knew where the weight gain was coming from, I decided to take a break from it last Friday and not deal.

We had a great weekend, I just love Breckenridge so much!  I got right back on track Sunday and got in a ton of exercise this week.  I wish the weight loss was more but I am just thrilled that I lost at all, so yay me!

The hike we are doing tomorrow is one that has thwarted us in the past and may do so again tomorrow.  It is a high one at over 11,000 feet and really long and we have had weather all week with rain storms for us with snow/slush above 8000 feet so it doesn’t matter where we go as all of our options will be tricky.  It is likely we will not make it to the top but there is a small chance we might and so we are going to try it again.  Plus our past couple of hikes have been just below 10,000 and I think the altitude won’t be as much of problem as it was last time.