Herman Gulch Trail #98 to Herman Lake, Bakerville CO hiked 6/28/14 & 7/4/14

Starting Elevation: 10,340 Highest Elevation:  12,000 is where the Lake is at.  We had a total elevation gain of  around 1800ft Trail Length:  8 miles officially, we made it about 7 miles on 6/28 and the full 8 today. Trail Uses: Hiker, Biker & Horses Degree of Difficulty:  Moderate to difficult Mostly because of elevation.Continue reading “Herman Gulch Trail #98 to Herman Lake, Bakerville CO hiked 6/28/14 & 7/4/14”

Grizzly Gulch, Bakerville CO Hiked 6/21/14

Starting Elevation: 9800 ft Highest Elevation: 11,000Ft ish (we didn’t have our watch and I can find almost nothing on this trail.  I know the parking lot is at 9800 ft and I got 100 flights of stairs so 1000 ft total elevation gain) Trail Length:  6 Miles from the parking lot right off theContinue reading “Grizzly Gulch, Bakerville CO Hiked 6/21/14”

Baker Loveland Trail #60, Bakerville CO Hiked 6/7/14

Starting Elevation: 9800 Highest Elevation 10,714 ( 900ft total elevation gain)Ft Trail Length: 10 miles round trip Trail uses:  Hiker, Biker, Snowshoeing, Crosscountry skiing Degree of difficulty: Easy Fees: None Bathrooms: None Pets: Yes My new Keens have not been kind, I am so sad because these bad boys have kept me hiking relatively pain-freeContinue reading “Baker Loveland Trail #60, Bakerville CO Hiked 6/7/14”