Finch Lake – Rocky Mountain National Park – Allenspark trailhead, Allenspark CO 8/3/13

The Finch Lake trail Starting Elevation: 8526Ft Highest Elevation: 10,165 ( Total Elevation gain around 1900Ft) Trail Length:  Officially 8.2 miles but we wandered around the lake a lot so we ended up with 9 miles total, it took us approx. 4 hours total Trail Uses:  Hiker only Degree of difficulty: Moderate Bathrooms: None Pets:Continue reading “Finch Lake – Rocky Mountain National Park – Allenspark trailhead, Allenspark CO 8/3/13”

St. Vrain Mountain Epic Fail- Hall Ranch Park To the Rescue 5/18/13

Last week was a perfect week here in Denver, very warm and sunny with the mountains taunting us all week with their insane beauty.  We really wanted to climb up high and see it for ourselves up close, I know it was our naiveté but we made the decision to try another high hike aboveContinue reading “St. Vrain Mountain Epic Fail- Hall Ranch Park To the Rescue 5/18/13”

Ben Tyler Trail #606-Pike National forest. 2nd attempt failed- 5/11/13

When we kind of stubbornly decided we were going to do Ben Tyler Trail (hike details here) this weekend, I knew deep down there was no way in hell we would make it to the top……. AGAIN.  It is really close to Kenosha Pass and one of the areas that probably got 4-5 feet ofContinue reading “Ben Tyler Trail #606-Pike National forest. 2nd attempt failed- 5/11/13”

Lion Gulch -Homestead Meadows, Lyons, CO 2/17/13

Lion Gulch #949 >  Griffith Homestead #979-2> Homestead Meadow Loop #971 > forest Road 120 Lowest Elevation: 7300 Ft Highest Elevation: 8700Ft ( according to the Nike GSP watch Aaron wears) We think we had a total gain of 2000 ft with the ups and downs. Trail Length:  The route we took got us 10Continue reading “Lion Gulch -Homestead Meadows, Lyons, CO 2/17/13”

Ben Tyler Trail #606 – Pike National Forest 12/1/12

Ben Tyler Trail #606 Starting Elevation: Approximately 8300Ft Highest Elevation:  Approximately 11,700Ft ( total gain would have been 3400ft) ….Unfortunately we only made it to just shy of 11,oooFt, we think Trail Length: 11.5 miles officially but since I left my fitbit at home I have no idea what it would have tracked.  In theContinue reading “Ben Tyler Trail #606 – Pike National Forest 12/1/12”

Butler Gulch, Empire/Idaho Springs CO 9/8/12

Butler’s Gulch Trail Starting Elevation:  10,500ish Final Elevation :  11,900+ if you go all the way to the Jean Mine  ( 1400 ft elevation gain) Trip Length: 6 miles round trip, if you aren’t over protective of your lower carriage civic that doesn’t seem to like the way the road looks after the parking lots.Continue reading “Butler Gulch, Empire/Idaho Springs CO 9/8/12”