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My hiking adventures on 1/18 & 1/19/14

28 Jan


My one goal this past weekend was just to make it above 9000Ft on our hike.  I had wanted to hit a new trail and then we got on I70 going west on a Saturday morning.  It was a parking lot even before Evergreen which is pretty bad.  With the traffic nightmare ahead of us, I just pulled off at Evergreen and hit Bergen Peak( Hike details here).  It gets above 9500Ft and is an excellent workout.  Can I tell you how nice it was to have the knowledge to switch hikes at the drop of a hat!  It was a proud moment for me.

Traffic with a view

Traffic with a view

The trail wasn’t too bad at all, yes there was snow and ice but not near the levels it was last spring or even this past fall.  In fact, it had less snow than Evergreen Mt the weekend before, which is just down the road from it.  It did still slow us down, that and hiking with our new backpacks on with some added weight made the whole hike take about 5 hours.  It felt great!  I was exhausted from the added intensity that snow brings to a hike.   Plus the day was almost perfect with beautiful blue skies and almost no wind.

Bergen Peak Trail conditions OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA pikes peak Denver

Oh and everyone must have been skiing, because we practically had it to ourselves until the last mile down.  A great day of hiking for sure.


We felt very good Sunday morning and so suited back up and hit an easy 5 miles at South Valley Ranch.  I felt so good, in fact, I added 5 lbs to my backpack for Sunday’s hike which effectively made it suck.  Who knew 5 lbs would kill me like that!?!?!  I was like the little kid being dragged along with my head and shoulders hanging down the whole way.  And while Aaron was sweet enough to offer to take my extra weight, I refused because how else am I going to get used to it if I just throw stuff in his pack when it starts to feel hard.  It made our quick 5 miles take a little longer then we hoped.

The day itself was AMAZING – 63 and sunny.  We were hiking in shorts and just our shirt.  Being on this trail on a nice day showed how insanely busy it gets.  We were hiking with 100 or more other people, while more were showing up all the time.

svr3 SVR2

Last Thursday I got to go to Seattle for a weekend of fun with my bestie Jason and his fiancé Molly, so no hike last weekend, but we plan to make up for it with 2 hikes again this weekend.  I need to get my altitude lungs back quick because on 2/8 is our all day guided snow shoe and I am crazy excited for it.

I am itching to get out and hike now, it is going to be a long week of work!

Get out there and hike if you can!

South Valley Ranch, Littleton CO hiked 1/4/14

8 Jan


Swallow Trail>Coyote Trail> Parking lot:

Lowest Elevation: 6000 Ft

Highest elevation: 6000 Ft

Trail Length: 2.8 officially for one loop around, we did it 2 times for about 5.5-6 miles

Trail uses: Hiker

Degree of Difficulty:  Easy

Fees:  None

Bathrooms: Yes

Pets: Yes

trail condiitons

It was crazy>thinking those weather forecasters might have it right.  I laughed when Al Roker on the Today show said we would get 6-10 inches of snow on Saturday, because our weather people were saying trace amounts… maybe 2 inches on the front range at the most.  Plus it was like 62 degrees on Friday so how bad could it be?

Apparently way worse than I thought, especially for my civic. That was bad decision #1, taking my Civic and not our CRV.

The first trail we planned on was to get over 8000 Ft.  and along 70, which seemed impossible to get to about 10 minutes into the drive with terrible roads and pretty heavy snow fall.  I switched directions going south thinking it would be lighter… again based on our weather forecasters.  It was a slow but not bad drive and until I pulled on to the final road to the trail head, I got stuck  about 200 feet in.  Stupid decision #2, as it is a pretty steep uphill drive on a semi residential road that likely never gets plowed.  The deer 4 feet away from where we got stuck actually had looks of disdain on their faces clearly thinking “stupid human”

This super nice guy driving past asked if we were ok and I said um…. I think we are stuck.  He acted as a spotter while I drove down the road in reverse, taking advantage of gravity to get unstuck.  Thank goodness for physics! When we got back on the road he seriously offered to drive us up to where we needed to go.  How nice is that!?!?!?  We didn’t take him up on his offer but instead hit South Valley Ranch  on the road back towards home, a park  I honestly thought I would never hike.

South Valley Ranch is a pretty easy hike with a simple 2.5 mile loop and almost no elevation gain, but the parking lot is totally flat and on the same level as the road for a hopefully easy out.  AKA perfect in bad weather for a low clearance Civic.

South Valley Ranch Trail map

South Valley Ranch Trail map

As we bundled up, I was super stressed about not being able to get out ever (drama queen) and thinking who do I know that lives close to here that I could hike to if we get stuck.  In case you’re wondering, I have 2 friends a few miles away we could have hiked to if necessary.

The trail starts out on the right of the parking lot, even with the snow it seemed pretty wide and level.  In just .4 miles you hit the first trail break and we decided to go left, it is a simple loop so left or right is about the same.  The first time through we could actually see Lockheed Martin and the community directly North of the park plus some of the mountains south of us on the trail.  The snow was surprisingly deep too, like 3-4 inches, stupid weather people.

We went left here

We went left here

It was actually a lovely hike and we had it mostly to ourselves, I guess others were making smarter decisions about going out in the bad weather then I was.   We came up to this other trail break where, if the weather was better I think we could have taken it all the way to Deer Creek Canyon.

We went right onto Swallow Trail

We went right onto Swallow Trail

trail condiitons


It is not too far to the 2nd parking lot which actually had more cars than I expected.

2nd Parking lot

2nd Parking lot

Picnic Area by the 2nd parking lot

Picnic Area by the 2nd parking lot

We just went up and past this cute picnic area, I suspect in better weather employees from Lockheed Martin spend a lot of time over here.

From here we came to the Coyote Song Trail which looks like it goes further north and perhaps up along the hogbacks.  I think another time we might have explored further but for this hike  we just did the simple loop.

coyote trail

Taking the Coyote trail back to the car

trail condiitions

We came across one more trail spike that looked intriguing but again just stayed on the loop.

Lyons back back toithe parking lot

The Loop the first time around was interesting, with the snow giving a nice challenge to an otherwise  easy trail.  We got back to the car at exactly 1 hour and we stopped a few times to adjust stuff.  We did a quick survey of the car to see how much snow had fallen in that hour and decided to go around again.  As we topped the one climb in the beginning, the snow increased significantly.  We could no longer see Lockheed Martin or the Neighborhood to the north we saw on the first loop, then I noticed that our foot prints from the first time around had a lot of snow in it.   I drama queened it up and practically ran the second loop, worried I would get stuck again.  We worked up a crazy sweat and there were even less people the second time around.  We finished in just 45 minutes, thankfully  got the car out and home, no problem.

The park reminded m e a lot of  Fountain Valley Trail ( hike details here) at Roxborough, even the way the huge rocks were shaped along the trail.  I have gotten over my disinterest towards this hike, it would be great place to try cross-country skiing out and a good easy hiking day location, with doing more loops to extend your workout.  On this day the weather helped increase its loveliness but I suspect on sunny days the views  might be a little boring and it is totally exposed so sunblock it up.  I am willing to give this open space another shot, we may even do it this Sunday to get 2 hikes in this weekend… who knows!


Main Trailhead: 90 South Valley Road, Littleton.
From C-470, exit westbound on Ken Caryl Avenue. Turn left onto South Valley Road to the park’s north parking area.

South Trailhead: 12399 Deer Creek Canyon Road, Littleton. From South Platte Canyon Road (S. Wadsworth and C-470), take Deer Creek Canyon Road west to the smaller parking area.


Deer Creek Canyon, Littleton CO for like the millionth time. Hiked 10/13/13

24 Oct


I will say the weekend when my bestie was here went too fast but it was a really wonderful  48 hour visit.  It is amazing the effect your best friend can have in such a short period of time.  It was so hard seeing her go and I am not typically a very emotional person, but  I cried the whole way home from the airport.  I think it also had a lot to do with my new reality…..

When I had left to take her to the airport early that morning I had not slept a wink the night before and decided no hike for this weekend, but on the way home I started to feel so bad that I knew just getting out on the trail would help me turn it around at least a little.

We packed up quickly and headed out to Deer Creek.  It was around 10AM when we started, and the parking lot was surprisingly  empty for a late Sunday morning.  I will tell you that I was also a little hung over, not so much because I drank too much but because I drank and got like 15 minutes of sleep the night before.

I just wanted to get in some exercise with beautiful views to clear my head and get a better perspective on life, this hike was perfect for that.   We got in almost 9 miles with around 1700 total feet of elevation gain and we did it in record time at 2.5 hours.   It really felt good to do so much in such a short period of time.   The big shocker was how few people were out there with us, the day couldn’t have been more perfect for hiking this trail and so few people were enjoying it there.  I hope they were enjoying it on another trail!

As always this trail is my favorite go to when time is short but a hike is necessary and this day was no different.   Love you Deer Creek Canyon!