Bear Peak Via Fern Canyon, Boulder CO 6/1/13

Walter Orr Robert Trail> Mesa> Fern Canyon> Bear Peak Trail> Bear Canyon Trail> Mesa Trail> Walter Orr Robert Trail @NCAR Starting Elevation:  6104 Highest Elevation: 8461 ( with some up s and downs we had a total Elevation gain of a little more than 2600 feet) Trip Length: Officially it is anywhere from 7.5 toContinue reading “Bear Peak Via Fern Canyon, Boulder CO 6/1/13”

Mesa Trail – Boulder Co Hiked 2/2/13

Bluebell Road > Mesa Trail Starting Elevation:  5700Ft Highest Elevation: 6482 Ft ( but the trail goes up and down the whole way like we covered  8 ascents and 9 descents, giving an overall elevation gain of 2600- ish for what we completed)  It is a great leg workout! Trail Length:  Officially the Mesa trailContinue reading “Mesa Trail – Boulder Co Hiked 2/2/13”

Walker Ranch Loop – Boulder 11/24/12

Walker Ranch Loop Starting/Ending Elevation: 7287FT Net Elevation Gain: 890FT ( +1737 round trip elevation gain) Trail Length:  7.6 miles officially ( My fitbit said 9-ish miles but we spent an hour taking pictures at the falls or rapids).  It took us 4 hours to complete, not including the hour we spent taking pictures workingContinue reading “Walker Ranch Loop – Boulder 11/24/12”

Green Mountain via Gregory Canyon Trail 11/17/12 The Assessment

Sorry for the double posting and duplicate seeming emails- something weird happened with the original post and almost all of it was deleted so I had to rewrite it! The whole week before we did this hike I was pretty nervous about how hard it would be.   From everything I had read, if itContinue reading “Green Mountain via Gregory Canyon Trail 11/17/12 The Assessment”

Green Mountain Via Gregory Canyon Trail – Boulder 11/17/12; Trail Specs

Gregory Canyon Trail > The Ranger Trail > Green Mountain Summit Starting Elevation: 5800-ish Feet Highest Elevation: 8144Ft ( Total Gain 2344FT) Trail Length: Officially 6ish miles, my fitbit said we got around 7 miles, It took us 4 hours to complete but the book I used said 3-4 hours and the locals were cruisingContinue reading “Green Mountain Via Gregory Canyon Trail – Boulder 11/17/12; Trail Specs”

Nighthawk Trail – Hall Ranch 11/10/12

Nighthawk Trail > Out and Back Starting Elevation:  5480 Ft Highest Elevation:  6570 ft ( but there is a an additional 320ft loss then gain for a total Elevation gain of 1410ft) Trail Length:  10.2 miles officially, unfortunately we took a wrong turn and so did a total of 12 miles today.  It took usContinue reading “Nighthawk Trail – Hall Ranch 11/10/12”

Big Bluestem Loop – Boulder 10/27/12

South Boulder Creek trail > Mesa Trail> Big Bluestem Trail ( Lower) Starting Elevation:  5460Ft Highest Elevation:  6400Ft ( just over halfway through the loop)  Total gain 940ft Trail Length:  Officially 6.8 miles, my fitbit said just over 7 miles.  It took us 3 hours but mostly because of the trail conditions…mud then ice thenContinue reading “Big Bluestem Loop – Boulder 10/27/12”

Eldorado Canyon Trail – Eldorado State Park 8/25/12

Eldorado Canyon Trail and a little bit of Walker Ranch Loop Starting Elevation: 6000 Ft HIghest Elevation:  Approximately 7400 Ft Trip Length: 7.2 miles according to the map( 3.6 in and 3.6 out), my fitbit said 8.5, took us about 3.5 hours Trail uses: Hiking & Horses Fees: $8 per day or get an annualContinue reading “Eldorado Canyon Trail – Eldorado State Park 8/25/12”