Peaks Trail #45, Breckenridge CO Hiked 5/3/14

Starting Elevation:  10,075 Ft Highest Elevation: 10,221 Ft Trail Length: We did a total of 6.5 miles round trip but you can take this trail all the way to Frisco for 10 miles one way. Trail Uses: Hiker, biker, cross-country skiing, snowshoe, Degree of Difficulty:  Moderate to difficult depending on how far you want toContinue reading “Peaks Trail #45, Breckenridge CO Hiked 5/3/14”

Nordic Center Snowshoe, Breckenridge CO Snowshoed 3/2/14

Willow Trail > Engleman Trail > Hallelujah Hut Starting Elevation:  Around 9800 Ft Highest Elevation: Around 10,800 Ft ( total guess based on my fitbit number of stairs) Trail Uses: Snowshoe only – Designated Terrain Park Trail Length: 6-ish miles round trip Degree of Difficulty:  Easy(Willow) to Moderate(Engleman) Bathrooms: Yes – At the Nordic CenterContinue reading “Nordic Center Snowshoe, Breckenridge CO Snowshoed 3/2/14”

Lower Mohawk Lake (Repeater), Hiked 9/28/13

When we got back to our condo after hiking Hanging Lake, the weather actually got worse but that didn’t stop us from hitting the hot tub… blizzard type weather.   It was awesome! When I talked to the front desk they said that there would likely be 3-5 inches of snow in the morning butContinue reading “Lower Mohawk Lake (Repeater), Hiked 9/28/13”

Upper Mohawk Lakes, Partial Repeater-Hiked 7/4/13

When we started our vacation week in the mountains, the original goal was James Peak on Saturday(done), Mohawk Lakes on Sunday ( done Thursday), Quandary Peak on Tuesday ( Done), Upper Crystal Lakes on Wednesday (Skipped) and Thursday a drunken celebration (delayed), Friday up in the air since we knew the tattoos would be intense.  ButContinue reading “Upper Mohawk Lakes, Partial Repeater-Hiked 7/4/13”

Quandary Peak 14,265 Ft (our first 14er!!!!!), Breckenridge CO 7/2/13

Quandary Peak Trail, East Approach Starting Elevation: 10,995Ft Summit Elevation:  14,295 Ft ( 3300ft total elevation gain) Trail Length: 6.5- 7 miles miles officially ( my fitbit said 8 miles at the end)  It took us 6.5 hrs; 3:45 hrs going up  2:45hrs coming down Trail Uses: Hiker, Biker, Horses Degree of Difficulty:  Strenuous Bathrooms: ThereContinue reading “Quandary Peak 14,265 Ft (our first 14er!!!!!), Breckenridge CO 7/2/13”

Riverside Trail A Breckenridge *Repeater* Hike 5/4/13

When I booked our weekend in Breckenridge a couple of months ago I thought that we would be able to do some higher hikes by this point in time.  Of course that was before the 5 weeks of blizzards and the 4-5 feet of snow Breckenridge got during April.  The last storm finished dropping aContinue reading “Riverside Trail A Breckenridge *Repeater* Hike 5/4/13”

Spring Break: Breckenridge Adventures 3/3/13 – 3/5/13

We went right from our hike at White Ranch Park to Breckenridge for 2 nights. The weather we had been planning on completely changed between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Instead of no snow with sunny bluebird skies, a huge snow storm was moving in for Sunday afternoon and supposed to go until Monday morning.Continue reading “Spring Break: Breckenridge Adventures 3/3/13 – 3/5/13”

Riverside Trail – Breckenridge 12/8/12

Riverside Trail Between Breckenridge and Frisco Starting and ending Elevation: 9600 Trail Length:  The path goes all the way to Frisco from Breckenridge, which is 9 miles one way 18 miles round trip.  We did 9.5 miles round trip. Trail Uses:  Bikes, hiking whatever its paved…. Degree of Difficulty:  Easy Bathrooms:  As you walk alongContinue reading “Riverside Trail – Breckenridge 12/8/12”

Iowa Hill Hydraulic Mining Site – Breckenridge 10/19/12 & Mt. Evergreen 10/20/12

  Iowa Hill Hydraulic Mining Site Starting Elevation:  9600 FT Highest Elevation:  9910FT ( Total Gain 310 Ft) Trail Length:  1.2 miles, although there are interactive spurs throughout, we spent a little over an hour taking our time reading everything. Trail Uses:  Hiking ( I don’t think there were restrictions on how the trail is usedContinue reading “Iowa Hill Hydraulic Mining Site – Breckenridge 10/19/12 & Mt. Evergreen 10/20/12”