Upper Mohawk Lakes, Partial Repeater-Hiked 7/4/13

When we started our vacation week in the mountains, the original goal was James Peak on Saturday(done), Mohawk Lakes on Sunday ( done Thursday), Quandary Peak on Tuesday ( Done), Upper Crystal Lakes on Wednesday (Skipped) and Thursday a drunken celebration (delayed), Friday up in the air since we knew the tattoos would be intense.  ButContinue reading “Upper Mohawk Lakes, Partial Repeater-Hiked 7/4/13”

Quandary Peak 14,265 Ft (our first 14er!!!!!), Breckenridge CO 7/2/13

Quandary Peak Trail, East Approach Starting Elevation: 10,995Ft Summit Elevation:  14,295 Ft ( 3300ft total elevation gain) Trail Length: 6.5- 7 miles miles officially ( my fitbit said 8 miles at the end)  It took us 6.5 hrs; 3:45 hrs going up  2:45hrs coming down Trail Uses: Hiker, Biker, Horses Degree of Difficulty:  Strenuous Bathrooms: ThereContinue reading “Quandary Peak 14,265 Ft (our first 14er!!!!!), Breckenridge CO 7/2/13”