My Last Hikes of 2013

Ok my goal with this post is to catch up on my back log of hikes that I did in December, it was both busy and slow hiking wise by my choice. We actually started out so strong and got a 3rd hike in 4 days done on 12/1/13.  We hit Green Mountain in LakewoodContinue reading “My Last Hikes of 2013”

Evergreen Mountain, Evergreen CO (Repeater) Girls Hike #3, hiked 10/20/13

I love a weekend where I get to hike twice and I super love hikes with my girlfriends!  This particular weekend was extra great because both happened! I am such a lucky girl! I woke up early Sunday all excited for my girlfriend hike and then got my second cancellation… but that still left meContinue reading “Evergreen Mountain, Evergreen CO (Repeater) Girls Hike #3, hiked 10/20/13”

Upper Mohawk Lakes, Partial Repeater-Hiked 7/4/13

When we started our vacation week in the mountains, the original goal was James Peak on Saturday(done), Mohawk Lakes on Sunday ( done Thursday), Quandary Peak on Tuesday ( Done), Upper Crystal Lakes on Wednesday (Skipped) and Thursday a drunken celebration (delayed), Friday up in the air since we knew the tattoos would be intense.  ButContinue reading “Upper Mohawk Lakes, Partial Repeater-Hiked 7/4/13”

Twin Sisters Trail, Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park *Repeater* 6/8/13

Last week when I was hiking with my girlfriends, we were admiring Twin Sisters (Hike details here) at all of our different amazing view spots.  I think it took me 3 looks to realize that there was not all that much snow showing at the summit and by the end of that hike I knew thisContinue reading “Twin Sisters Trail, Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park *Repeater* 6/8/13”

Ben Tyler Trail #606 – 3rd time is NOT the charm! 5/25/13

Ahh how we are gluttons for punishment!  This past week was another perfect, warm week in Denver and as a result we convinced ourselves that we would try Ben Tyler ( Hike Details here) this weekend in hopes the snow was manageable enough to make it to the top.  I cannot tell you how desperateContinue reading “Ben Tyler Trail #606 – 3rd time is NOT the charm! 5/25/13”

St. Vrain Mountain Epic Fail- Hall Ranch Park To the Rescue 5/18/13

Last week was a perfect week here in Denver, very warm and sunny with the mountains taunting us all week with their insane beauty.  We really wanted to climb up high and see it for ourselves up close, I know it was our naiveté but we made the decision to try another high hike aboveContinue reading “St. Vrain Mountain Epic Fail- Hall Ranch Park To the Rescue 5/18/13”

Ben Tyler Trail #606-Pike National forest. 2nd attempt failed- 5/11/13

When we kind of stubbornly decided we were going to do Ben Tyler Trail (hike details here) this weekend, I knew deep down there was no way in hell we would make it to the top……. AGAIN.  It is really close to Kenosha Pass and one of the areas that probably got 4-5 feet ofContinue reading “Ben Tyler Trail #606-Pike National forest. 2nd attempt failed- 5/11/13”

Riverside Trail A Breckenridge *Repeater* Hike 5/4/13

When I booked our weekend in Breckenridge a couple of months ago I thought that we would be able to do some higher hikes by this point in time.  Of course that was before the 5 weeks of blizzards and the 4-5 feet of snow Breckenridge got during April.  The last storm finished dropping aContinue reading “Riverside Trail A Breckenridge *Repeater* Hike 5/4/13”

Belcher Hill Trail *Repeater Hike*, White Ranch Park – Golden Co 4/27/13

There is that moment every week when I commit to a trail and I always hope that the weather will let us do it.  This week the trail I committed to was too high up after yet another 2 day snow storm on Monday and Tuesday.  All week I debated how smart it would beContinue reading “Belcher Hill Trail *Repeater Hike*, White Ranch Park – Golden Co 4/27/13”