Weigh in day 5/10/13 -.6, 52.2 lbs down 37.8 lbs to go

It has been a weird 2 weeks here.  I didn’t post at all last weekend because we left work early on Friday and drove up to Breckenridge to enjoy a weekend away and man did we enjoy it.  We hit the hot tub like crazy and drank way too much, while making sure we movedContinue reading “Weigh in day 5/10/13 -.6, 52.2 lbs down 37.8 lbs to go”

Riverside Trail A Breckenridge *Repeater* Hike 5/4/13

When I booked our weekend in Breckenridge a couple of months ago I thought that we would be able to do some higher hikes by this point in time.  Of course that was before the 5 weeks of blizzards and the 4-5 feet of snow Breckenridge got during April.  The last storm finished dropping aContinue reading “Riverside Trail A Breckenridge *Repeater* Hike 5/4/13”