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Weigh in Day 2/7/14 -1LB, 53.8 LBS down – 36.2 left to go.

8 Feb

Yay!  My first loss of the new year… that seems a little shameful since we are 6 weeks in but I am ok with it.  I traveled in that time and gave up diet coke and now I finally feel like I am back in a groove.

Working out has felt really great each day and I managed to get weights in 4 times this week… to be honest I hate weights but I know it is important for my future well-being  and for getting ready to backpack.  I think the best part of the week was not chowing down sweets because I gave up diet coke.

The other great part of this week, I worked out with my backpack on for 3 of my 4 morning workouts. It totally made a difference, Aaron was right!  Even though it didn’t have water or much weight just having it on while I did the elliptical was a huge jump in comfort on the snowshoe today.

I don’t know what your options are this week but if you can get out and hike, do it!

Weigh in day 5/31/13 +.4, 53 lbs down 37 to go

31 May

Well I gained this week.

It stinks, but it could be worse.  Sometimes I hate being a girl, actually about once a month I hate it.  It’s not an excuse but a reality and typically it is like a 3 pound gain so I will take less than half a pound knowing that I likely would have had loss if not for the time of month.

The Mountains have been crazy beautiful all week again, but if you can believe it the mountains got snow Wednesday and Thursday.  Enough snow along the Continental Divide that they actually shut down I-70 both ways at the Eisenhower Tunnel Thursday morning.   That made me change our hiking plans for the weekend, I need a break from all the snow and I really want to finish a tough hike.  We are insanely excited for tomorrows hike and a little bit nervous it is a really hard one that we have wanted to do for a while but have not attempted it because it was well below 10,000 Feet.  Either way I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

Weigh in Day 5/24/13 -1.2 lbs, 53.4 lbs down 36.4 left to go

25 May

I am thrilled that this week was finally one with a loss!!!!

It was a weird week in that I had to take it easy on in terms of working out, I have been battling with an ingrown toenail(super yuck!) for quite a while and last week while on St. Vrain Mt. trail I really aggravated it.  It was getting so close to better too.  What I could do was really scaled down then my usual week of working out, I wanted it to heal as much as possible before our hike today.  Let’s be honest I will always do whatever I can to make sure I don’t miss a chance to hike!

The other thing I did was eat less processed food, so far I have been doing a lot of Lean cuisine for meals and other stuff to get by.  This week was a lot more stuff I made or picked up from somewhere I could get the calories on to help me stay within my daily calorie allowance.

It paid off nicely, although I will not be skipping workouts again because I felt the difference in how well I hiked today but I did stock up on a lot more things for me to make from scratch and freeze to try a couple more weeks of changing up my diet.  I am sure it will help but I am also sure I will miss the convenience  of those lean cuisines and Smart ones!

It was a beautiful and warm week in Denver which made me extra look forward to hiking this weekend, since it is a long weekend we are going to do 2 hikes today is already done and we have another one planned for tomorrow.  I love long weekends!

I will leave with a picture of Nugget, he isn’t much of a cuddlier and so I let him get away with a lot when I can get him to sit on my lap, in this case  sacrificing the ties on my hoodie sweatshirt….. I am such a sucker for him.



Weigh in day 5/10/13 -.6, 52.2 lbs down 37.8 lbs to go

10 May

It has been a weird 2 weeks here.  I didn’t post at all last weekend because we left work early on Friday and drove up to Breckenridge to enjoy a weekend away and man did we enjoy it.  We hit the hot tub like crazy and drank way too much, while making sure we moved our butts enough to make all the excess not so bad.  When I looked at my fitbit at the end of Saturday we had walked almost 14.5 miles with a crazy amount of stairs climbed since we kept walking to and from our condo which was quite a climb up each time.  I think I figured it out to be 16 flights of stairs straight up each time we went back, the last time we were laughing too hard (and were maybe a little too drunk) to go very fast but we still climbed up.

The other reason I didn’t post my weigh in last week was because of my monthly visitor, I got it on Thursday and as is par for the course I gained 3 LBS in just 12 hours.  All water of course but I just didn’t want to step on the scale again until it was done.  It is a chicken’s way out but I don’t care.  I struggle every day with what I put in my mouth and how much, just like a recovering alcoholic I have to take it one day at a time.  I knew if I weighed in on Friday it would knock me right off the wagon,  to be honest I was kinda hanging half way off anyway.  So even though I knew where the weight gain was coming from, I decided to take a break from it last Friday and not deal.

We had a great weekend, I just love Breckenridge so much!  I got right back on track Sunday and got in a ton of exercise this week.  I wish the weight loss was more but I am just thrilled that I lost at all, so yay me!

The hike we are doing tomorrow is one that has thwarted us in the past and may do so again tomorrow.  It is a high one at over 11,000 feet and really long and we have had weather all week with rain storms for us with snow/slush above 8000 feet so it doesn’t matter where we go as all of our options will be tricky.  It is likely we will not make it to the top but there is a small chance we might and so we are going to try it again.  Plus our past couple of hikes have been just below 10,000 and I think the altitude won’t be as much of problem as it was last time.

Weigh in Day 3/29/13 -1lb, 49.6 lbs down 40.4 lbs to go

29 Mar

FINALLY!!!!! I am covering new ground this week and seeing a new number for the first time in like 7-8-ish years.  I cannot tell you how happy I was when I looked at the scale this morning and saw this new number it made my hard work this week extra worth it.

It was also a relief as all week I had been kinda down on myself for not making any real progress for the past 3+  months.  Not hiking this weekend really threw off my whole psyche in that suddenly it seemed really easy to give up if I didn’t see some progress.  But instead of just laying down and giving up, I fought my habit of throwing in the towel by getting in lots of extra exercise.  I got in my Elliptical every morning, my walks at lunch and then in the evening Aaron and I stuck with weights and a walk before dinner 3 of the 4 nights.  There was one day where I actually ended up moving 14 miles in a single day according to my fitbit, I was pretty impressed with myself on that day.  My legs are thanking me for the rest I am giving them today.

This week’s real battle was in my head though, the feeling of loss of drive and determination was almost more than I could handle.  We have been so good about getting out every weekend and hiking, then suddenly I could see us skipping more and more weekends and then what is the reason for any of it?  Let’s just give into the frito-lay demon on my shoulder begging me to buy more cheetos…..

In the end I didn’t give up or give in, I pushed through it all, threw myself one pity party and then moved on.

We are hiking tomorrow no matter what even if I have to drive to a trail head tonight and sleep in the car to make sure it happens, I cannot afford another week of “Why?”.  We aren’t supposed to have bad weather tomorrow maybe just some rain, but I think it is looking less and less likely.  We are doing a repeater hike even though I have 3 new hikes I am anxious to get out on, with all the snow last weekend and the slow warm up this week I don’t want to risk injury right now because a trail in transition.

Hope you all get out on a trail near you soon, it really helps change your perspective!

Weigh in Day 2/15/13 -1.6 lbs, 47.6 lbs down 42.4 lbs to go

15 Feb

Yay me!!!!  I feel like I am truly back on rack with my weight loss journey and personally I feel like 2 weeks of weight loss in a row is pretty awesome.  Plus the amount lost isn’t too shabby, especially since I got my monthly pain-in-the-butt-proof-you-are-a-woman-in-the-most-annoying-way-possible on Tuesday.  I usually put on a few pounds when I get it and the way my mind is working, that weight is still on since I am not yet done so next week should be a good one too!

I kept up lifting weights a few times this week and then all my usual cardio.  I stuck to my calories each day, even though it was really hard this week.  I actually feel better than I have in the past 2 months and that is the best part.

I am really excited about our hike tomorrow, it is an unusual one with different things to look at while we hike.  It has been snowy here this week and the foot hills should have some pretty scenery for us to enjoy.

Happy Friday!