Weigh in Day 2/15/13 -1.6 lbs, 47.6 lbs down 42.4 lbs to go

Yay me!!!!  I feel like I am truly back on rack with my weight loss journey and personally I feel like 2 weeks of weight loss in a row is pretty awesome.  Plus the amount lost isn’t too shabby, especially since I got my monthly pain-in-the-butt-proof-you-are-a-woman-in-the-most-annoying-way-possible on Tuesday.  I usually put on a few pounds when I get it and the way my mind is working, that weight is still on since I am not yet done so next week should be a good one too!

I kept up lifting weights a few times this week and then all my usual cardio.  I stuck to my calories each day, even though it was really hard this week.  I actually feel better than I have in the past 2 months and that is the best part.

I am really excited about our hike tomorrow, it is an unusual one with different things to look at while we hike.  It has been snowy here this week and the foot hills should have some pretty scenery for us to enjoy.

Happy Friday!

Published by hikingtohealthy

an enthusiastic hiker living in Colorado.

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