January 2021 – Here we go again Reconstruction in process.

It’s been very a long while since I have logged in, blogged, hiked AND I gained back EVERY SINGLE POUND I swore would never find itself back on my body. Its here raising havoc, mocking me and I am ready to start the weight loss journey all over……again.

While 2020 was a literal nightmare for us all, the 4 years before were also pretty awful personally and I coped how I have taught myself to cope……with bad eating habits and alcohol.

My hip injury in 2014 parlayed into a series of knee surgeries on my already loser knee. After a partial knee replacement in 2018, I was pretty excited about the hiking future and working hard to get on trails every weekend again. Then the bottom fell out on everything. My husband got sick, so sick. He spent a year plus in bed, not mention all the hospital stays, bucket loads of pills, tears, anguish and after a crazy number of plot twists he is finally on a very slow road to recovery.

Then 2020 hit. I don’t think I need to recount that one for anyone since we have all been held hostage by a variety of terrible events. All while being locked in our homes trying to do the right thing and watching loved ones die, deteriorate or get lost in bizarreness of this new reality. Either from COVID or because of the restrictions in place because of COVID. I personally lost my Mom, she didn’t die from COVID but as result of the restrictions, her death was especially hard. She was older at 80 and in independent living in November 2019 when she shattered her femur. It turned out to be a life ending bone break but a slow painful one that was made all the worse as the skilled nursing facilities locked down with no visitors allowed. There is a lot to unpack in all that awesomeness that while key to my personal deterioration, is not really about hiking.

Yesterday I took the day off work and when I got up there was only one thing on my mind. I wanted to climb a mountain……. literally not figuratively.

It was slow, and while I have been exercising a lot the last 5 months, it kicked my extra chubby butt. I was posting pictures on instagram and came here to look for trail details(which I often do) and was appalled that North Table Mountain was never dissected.

So here I am … again.

Over the years so many friends have asked me about why I stopped doing this one thing. I said a lot of things. It was what I never said that was the real reason. I wanted to slide back into a comfort of bad habits, it was strangely easy while the rest of my world imploded.

So back at the beginning or the most recent beginning and the I hope the last beginning.

I see I have a lot to relearn and update from a blogging perspective so I hope you will all bare with me while I rejoin this world with a 2021 perspective and a new motivation.

**Reconstruction in process** ( both literally and figuratively)

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an enthusiastic hiker living in Colorado.

6 thoughts on “January 2021 – Here we go again Reconstruction in process.

  1. ❤️ I’m so sorry about your mom. What an awful year, I can relate to some of what you’re dealing with and hope you, me, and the rest of us who hated 2020 can move forward once again for some happiness and health. You’re still a heroine to me!Sending love and best wishes from Bend Oregon.

  2. Sorry for all your trials, but happy to see you back. I was wondering what happened to your blog. Good luck with getting healthy again. Happy to do a hike with you. I just had my third surgery on my right knee. Just a scope so can do about 5 miles.

    1. Thank you so much! My right knee is my albatross too! What did you have scoped? I am probably good at 5 miles right now at this weight too. We will need to meet up for sure!

    I have thought of you frequently, both your hiking blog, and your other struggles. It’s so hard to lose your mom; mine passed recently as well. And for your husband to be that sick the year before. Life can be so hard, sometimes.
    But you know what this shows me? That you’re stronger than you knew. You can do this.
    Weight loss can be soooo hard. It’s not just a matter of will power or even eating less. My sister went through a tough time, as you have, and gained too much weight. After struggling with it for years, she had bariatric surgery — it was the only way for her to lose weight. She has been very happy with the results. Something to consider.
    We’re all rooting for you!

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