Weigh in Day 2/7/14 -1LB, 53.8 LBS down – 36.2 left to go.

Yay!  My first loss of the new year… that seems a little shameful since we are 6 weeks in but I am ok with it.  I traveled in that time and gave up diet coke and now I finally feel like I am back in a groove.

Working out has felt really great each day and I managed to get weights in 4 times this week… to be honest I hate weights but I know it is important for my future well-being  and for getting ready to backpack.  I think the best part of the week was not chowing down sweets because I gave up diet coke.

The other great part of this week, I worked out with my backpack on for 3 of my 4 morning workouts. It totally made a difference, Aaron was right!  Even though it didn’t have water or much weight just having it on while I did the elliptical was a huge jump in comfort on the snowshoe today.

I don’t know what your options are this week but if you can get out and hike, do it!

Published by hikingtohealthy

an enthusiastic hiker living in Colorado.

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