The Incline, Manitou Springs CO, Hiked on Easter – 4/5/2015

Starting Elevation:  6530 Ft Highest Elevation: 8550 Ft Trail Length: We did the Standard loop so 3.7 miles Trail Uses: Hiking only up the incline Degree of Difficulty: Strenuous Bathroom: Yes in the parking lot Pets:  Supposed to be no dogs but there were lots and off leash too and 2 almost knocked me down no owner in sight.Continue reading “The Incline, Manitou Springs CO, Hiked on Easter – 4/5/2015”

Beginning again – Weigh in Day +9LBS ( 50lbs down 40 Lbs left to go)

So this is the first time I have really weighed in – in months. I have to say I was surprised it wasn’t more, which makes it about a pound a month. I can tell though that I have lost a lot of the climbing muscles in my legs which makes me think it mayContinue reading “Beginning again – Weigh in Day +9LBS ( 50lbs down 40 Lbs left to go)”

Chief Mountain (11,700) & Squaw Mountain ( 11,398) Evergreen CO Hiked 7/6/14

Starting Elevation: 11,000Ft Highest Elevation: 11,700 Ft ( total elevation gain was around 1800 ft.) Trail Length: Officially I thought 4.8 miles…8.7 miles later I am pretty sure the book was wrong Trial uses:  Hiker, biker & Horses some portions are a 4×4 road Degree of difficulty:  Moderate Bathrooms:  None Pets: Yes – Although onContinue reading “Chief Mountain (11,700) & Squaw Mountain ( 11,398) Evergreen CO Hiked 7/6/14”

Burning Bear Trail #601, Grant Co Snowshoed 4/19/14

Starting Elevation:  9627Ft Highest Elevation:   10,708Ft is the highest we made it but the highest part of the hike is supposed to be 10,740 ft Trail Length:  The full length of the trail round trip is a 13 miles to Hall Valley  Trailhead we made it just under 8 miles round trip almost toContinue reading “Burning Bear Trail #601, Grant Co Snowshoed 4/19/14”

Mason Creek at Staunton State Park, Conifer CO hiked 4/12/14

Mason Creek Trail> Border Line Trail> Staunton Ranch Trail Starting Elevation:  8197 ft Highest Elevation:  9450 Ft ( Almost 1600 ft total with a little up and down from Mason Creek to Border Line) Trail Length: 10.6 miles officially and my fitbit was pretty close with right around 11 miles Trail Uses: Hiker, Biker, HorsesContinue reading “Mason Creek at Staunton State Park, Conifer CO hiked 4/12/14”

Nymph, Dream & Emerald Lakes – RMNP – Estes CO, Snowshoed 3/15/14

Nymph Lake > Dream Lake > Emerald Lake Starting Elevation: 9400 ft Highest Elevation: 10,100 ft Trail Uses: hiking, snowshoe, cross-country skiing, hike in ski out…. anything with skis…. Trail Length: Officially 3.8 miles, we walked around Emerald and Nymph lakes a lot so we got around 4.5 miles for the day… it took usContinue reading “Nymph, Dream & Emerald Lakes – RMNP – Estes CO, Snowshoed 3/15/14”

Spring Break hiking 3/1- 3/6/14 All Repeaters

When my nieces came to visit me last year, their one request was more hiking.  I honestly had no idea they would like it as much as they did.  I wanted to get them out as much as possible while still giving them a break from school.  I had grand plans, hike 3/1, snowshoe 3/2,Continue reading “Spring Break hiking 3/1- 3/6/14 All Repeaters”

Nordic Center Snowshoe, Breckenridge CO Snowshoed 3/2/14

Willow Trail > Engleman Trail > Hallelujah Hut Starting Elevation:  Around 9800 Ft Highest Elevation: Around 10,800 Ft ( total guess based on my fitbit number of stairs) Trail Uses: Snowshoe only – Designated Terrain Park Trail Length: 6-ish miles round trip Degree of Difficulty:  Easy(Willow) to Moderate(Engleman) Bathrooms: Yes – At the Nordic CenterContinue reading “Nordic Center Snowshoe, Breckenridge CO Snowshoed 3/2/14”

Butler Gulch Snowshoe, Empire CO 2/22/14

On Tuesday when I came home to the huge box with our snowshoes, I kinda wanted to go out right then and to try them out.  Unfortunately there is no real snow here on the Front Range so I had to wait until the weekend to get my fix in. I had hiked Butler Gulch(Continue reading “Butler Gulch Snowshoe, Empire CO 2/22/14”

Weigh in Day 2/21/14 -1lb, 55.4 down 34.6 left to go

I have to tell you this week was really tough.  There were work lunches I had to participate in that were catered in with no input from the attendees, so my choices were limited and I guessed on calories eaten on those 2 days.  I wont lie, I also indulged in the crazy rich, fatContinue reading “Weigh in Day 2/21/14 -1lb, 55.4 down 34.6 left to go”