Beginning again – Weigh in Day +9LBS ( 50lbs down 40 Lbs left to go)

So this is the first time I have really weighed in – in months. I have to say I was surprised it wasn’t more, which makes it about a pound a month.

Fat and in pain
Fat and in pain

I can tell though that I have lost a lot of the climbing muscles in my legs which makes me think it may just be 9LBs on the scale but the damage is worse because of the muscle loss.

I would like to say this was a better week for me health wise but it was actually worse.  I had a crazy stressful week at work, worked long hours and squeezed in a workout at least once a day, sometimes twice but no weights.  I didn’t track my food like I wanted to and I am sure I went over my allotted calories every day.

Plus I drank alcohol almost every night, just one drink a night but still I normally don’t drink during the week. But post hike it is always a celebration.

Oh well, I have to start somewhere….

My new goal will be to lose 40 lbs by next July 4th.

The hike I did today was a repeater but it is way out my ability right now.  I am thrilled I made it all the way… and I have summit fever again….I love Colorado.

On Twins sisters
On Twins sisters

There is so much to see just here and I haven’t even started to think about all those other states and countries I have hiking envy over…I am looking at you Rob P My favorite Uk Backpacker!  SO that means I need to get over myself and move forward…..slowly this is me getting over myself….

Get out there and hike, life is way too short!


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9 thoughts on “Beginning again – Weigh in Day +9LBS ( 50lbs down 40 Lbs left to go)

  1. Keep going, don’t give up. I want to drop 20 pounds and its a nightmare getting started. I try to walk every lunch time and work out at home in the morning, but sometimes I’m tired, or too busy. Yes, after a stressful day, I give in and have wine. Be strong, and I’ll follow.

  2. Pain isn’t good, but take another look at what you’re doing in that photo you labelled. You’re out there doing incredible things. Don’t sell yourself short!

  3. Hang in there. Hold onto the memories of walks completed and places seen. Sometimes life throws things at us that cause us to lose touch with our health. We just have to be kind to ourselves, get through it and start again knowing we will be able to make happy memories again so long as we don’t give up.

  4. I’m coming off my worst workout week in over 18 months, Kathy. Last week was horrible, horrible. It sounds like there are several of us (including Martha at Boring Broad Runs) who had less than stellar weeks last week. What I’m hearing in all of our recaps though is that we are all leaving last week behind and moving forward.

    Your courage and honesty never cease to amaze me. Onward warrior!
    xoxo nancy

    1. Maybe it is pre super moon jitters or something? I did have an awesome hike this weekend but then other stress happened.

      All I can do is start every day with a plan of succeeding and not let the failures rule me.
      Here is to a fresh day and week!
      Onward to you as well! xoxo

  5. I think we need to do a country swap at some point 🙂 The views from your mountains are just beautiful and really invoke a great sense of scale – something you don’t usually get in the UK. The best of luck with your new endeavour, but don’t forget that it is supposed to be fun! 🙂

  6. Yes you can do it. You and Fitbit helped to motivate me. Now i’m twenty pounds thinner. I still need to take off another fifteen. Because of you I’ve even started hiking. Hiking not just for work but for the joy of it. Just remember we all have our ups and downs.

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