Weigh in day 5/31/13 +.4, 53 lbs down 37 to go

Well I gained this week.

It stinks, but it could be worse.  Sometimes I hate being a girl, actually about once a month I hate it.  It’s not an excuse but a reality and typically it is like a 3 pound gain so I will take less than half a pound knowing that I likely would have had loss if not for the time of month.

The Mountains have been crazy beautiful all week again, but if you can believe it the mountains got snow Wednesday and Thursday.  Enough snow along the Continental Divide that they actually shut down I-70 both ways at the Eisenhower Tunnel Thursday morning.   That made me change our hiking plans for the weekend, I need a break from all the snow and I really want to finish a tough hike.  We are insanely excited for tomorrows hike and a little bit nervous it is a really hard one that we have wanted to do for a while but have not attempted it because it was well below 10,000 Feet.  Either way I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

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16 thoughts on “Weigh in day 5/31/13 +.4, 53 lbs down 37 to go

  1. You will prevail and are on the right track. Your resolve, it is clear, is a committed resolve. If there is any good beyond honest encouragement I can offer, feel free anytime to bat ideas back and forth blog to blog. Many, many training, fitness, and exercise bloggers here have a strong fund of wisdom and experience to share. So many good people. You are an example to those who need that shove to resolute action for long range health and functionality that you have undertaken.

  2. You are pursuing a lifestyle change that just happens to have a side benefit of weight loss. Maybe reframing the goal statement will help get through those tough weeks.

  3. Try not to take that time of the month as a setback. It’s a natural thing your body does and not something you really have control over (damn, I wish we could control it!). You know it’s going to happen, so maybe anticipating a slight gain will make it easier, especially if it turns out to be less than what you expected!

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