Weigh in Day 5/24/13 -1.2 lbs, 53.4 lbs down 36.4 left to go

I am thrilled that this week was finally one with a loss!!!!

It was a weird week in that I had to take it easy on in terms of working out, I have been battling with an ingrown toenail(super yuck!) for quite a while and last week while on St. Vrain Mt. trail I really aggravated it.  It was getting so close to better too.  What I could do was really scaled down then my usual week of working out, I wanted it to heal as much as possible before our hike today.  Let’s be honest I will always do whatever I can to make sure I don’t miss a chance to hike!

The other thing I did was eat less processed food, so far I have been doing a lot of Lean cuisine for meals and other stuff to get by.  This week was a lot more stuff I made or picked up from somewhere I could get the calories on to help me stay within my daily calorie allowance.

It paid off nicely, although I will not be skipping workouts again because I felt the difference in how well I hiked today but I did stock up on a lot more things for me to make from scratch and freeze to try a couple more weeks of changing up my diet.  I am sure it will help but I am also sure I will miss the convenience  of those lean cuisines and Smart ones!

It was a beautiful and warm week in Denver which made me extra look forward to hiking this weekend, since it is a long weekend we are going to do 2 hikes today is already done and we have another one planned for tomorrow.  I love long weekends!

I will leave with a picture of Nugget, he isn’t much of a cuddlier and so I let him get away with a lot when I can get him to sit on my lap, in this case  sacrificing the ties on my hoodie sweatshirt….. I am such a sucker for him.



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