Weigh in day 5/10/13 -.6, 52.2 lbs down 37.8 lbs to go

It has been a weird 2 weeks here.  I didn’t post at all last weekend because we left work early on Friday and drove up to Breckenridge to enjoy a weekend away and man did we enjoy it.  We hit the hot tub like crazy and drank way too much, while making sure we moved our butts enough to make all the excess not so bad.  When I looked at my fitbit at the end of Saturday we had walked almost 14.5 miles with a crazy amount of stairs climbed since we kept walking to and from our condo which was quite a climb up each time.  I think I figured it out to be 16 flights of stairs straight up each time we went back, the last time we were laughing too hard (and were maybe a little too drunk) to go very fast but we still climbed up.

The other reason I didn’t post my weigh in last week was because of my monthly visitor, I got it on Thursday and as is par for the course I gained 3 LBS in just 12 hours.  All water of course but I just didn’t want to step on the scale again until it was done.  It is a chicken’s way out but I don’t care.  I struggle every day with what I put in my mouth and how much, just like a recovering alcoholic I have to take it one day at a time.  I knew if I weighed in on Friday it would knock me right off the wagon,  to be honest I was kinda hanging half way off anyway.  So even though I knew where the weight gain was coming from, I decided to take a break from it last Friday and not deal.

We had a great weekend, I just love Breckenridge so much!  I got right back on track Sunday and got in a ton of exercise this week.  I wish the weight loss was more but I am just thrilled that I lost at all, so yay me!

The hike we are doing tomorrow is one that has thwarted us in the past and may do so again tomorrow.  It is a high one at over 11,000 feet and really long and we have had weather all week with rain storms for us with snow/slush above 8000 feet so it doesn’t matter where we go as all of our options will be tricky.  It is likely we will not make it to the top but there is a small chance we might and so we are going to try it again.  Plus our past couple of hikes have been just below 10,000 and I think the altitude won’t be as much of problem as it was last time.

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