Weigh in Day 3/29/13 -1lb, 49.6 lbs down 40.4 lbs to go

FINALLY!!!!! I am covering new ground this week and seeing a new number for the first time in like 7-8-ish years.  I cannot tell you how happy I was when I looked at the scale this morning and saw this new number it made my hard work this week extra worth it.

It was also a relief as all week I had been kinda down on myself for not making any real progress for the past 3+  months.  Not hiking this weekend really threw off my whole psyche in that suddenly it seemed really easy to give up if I didn’t see some progress.  But instead of just laying down and giving up, I fought my habit of throwing in the towel by getting in lots of extra exercise.  I got in my Elliptical every morning, my walks at lunch and then in the evening Aaron and I stuck with weights and a walk before dinner 3 of the 4 nights.  There was one day where I actually ended up moving 14 miles in a single day according to my fitbit, I was pretty impressed with myself on that day.  My legs are thanking me for the rest I am giving them today.

This week’s real battle was in my head though, the feeling of loss of drive and determination was almost more than I could handle.  We have been so good about getting out every weekend and hiking, then suddenly I could see us skipping more and more weekends and then what is the reason for any of it?  Let’s just give into the frito-lay demon on my shoulder begging me to buy more cheetos…..

In the end I didn’t give up or give in, I pushed through it all, threw myself one pity party and then moved on.

We are hiking tomorrow no matter what even if I have to drive to a trail head tonight and sleep in the car to make sure it happens, I cannot afford another week of “Why?”.  We aren’t supposed to have bad weather tomorrow maybe just some rain, but I think it is looking less and less likely.  We are doing a repeater hike even though I have 3 new hikes I am anxious to get out on, with all the snow last weekend and the slow warm up this week I don’t want to risk injury right now because a trail in transition.

Hope you all get out on a trail near you soon, it really helps change your perspective!

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8 thoughts on “Weigh in Day 3/29/13 -1lb, 49.6 lbs down 40.4 lbs to go

      1. Just to put your achievement into perspective, Ten years ago, I looked in the mirror at a dude that weighed in at over 230. What happened to the 185 pound all sport athlete? So,Big changes in eating and exercise. I still weigh in at 195. I shed 37 pounds in 10 years. Pretty poor by comparison to you.

  1. I hear ya! I’m with you on all of this! It’s like that old saying – ‘the first step is the hardest,’ like we almost have to trick ourselves into getting going. But then, once we do…we’re sailing! Congrats to you for knowing you can reach your goal….and having fun along the way!

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