My Last Hikes of 2013

Ok my goal with this post is to catch up on my back log of hikes that I did in December, it was both busy and slow hiking wise by my choice. We actually started out so strong and got a 3rd hike in 4 days done on 12/1/13.  We hit Green Mountain in LakewoodContinue reading “My Last Hikes of 2013”

Cow Creek Trails Via Gem Lake, Estes Park CO Hiked 11/16/13

Gem Lake Trail> Cow Creek TrailHead Starting Elevation:  7882 Ft Highest elevation: 8830 Ft Trail Length:  Officially we did 9.2 miles around trip, my Fitbit said we did close to 11 miles ( it took us approximately 5.5 hours) Trail Uses:  Hiker only Degree of difficulty:  I consider Gem Lake Moderate, after the floods IContinue reading “Cow Creek Trails Via Gem Lake, Estes Park CO Hiked 11/16/13”

Belcher Hill Trail – White Ranch Park, Golden CO 2/23/13

Belcher Hill Trail Lowest Elevation:  Approximately 6100 feet Highest Elevation: 7800 + ( total Elevation gain of almost 2000 feet with a few declines and then having to climb back up) Trail Length:  According to the Park Map it is 8.8 miles roundtrip but my fitbit said we got 10.5 miles and every account ofContinue reading “Belcher Hill Trail – White Ranch Park, Golden CO 2/23/13”