Cow Creek Trails Via Gem Lake, Estes Park CO Hiked 11/16/13

Gem Lake Trail> Cow Creek TrailHead Starting Elevation:  7882 Ft Highest elevation: 8830 Ft Trail Length:  Officially we did 9.2 miles around trip, my Fitbit said we did close to 11 miles ( it took us approximately 5.5 hours) Trail Uses:  Hiker only Degree of difficulty:  I consider Gem Lake Moderate, after the floods IContinue reading “Cow Creek Trails Via Gem Lake, Estes Park CO Hiked 11/16/13”

Meyer Ranch Park- Jefferson County Open Space 2nd Official Girls Hike , Conifer CO Hiked 7/28/13

Owls Perch > Lodgepole Loop > Sunny Aspen Trail > Old Ski Run Loop > Sunny Aspen Trail > Lodgepole Loop > Owls Perch Starting Elevation: 7900 ft Highest Elevation:  8770 ft ( total gain was around 900 feet in elevation gain) Trail Length: 5 Miles Trail Uses:  Hiker, Biker & Horses Degree of Difficulty:Continue reading “Meyer Ranch Park- Jefferson County Open Space 2nd Official Girls Hike , Conifer CO Hiked 7/28/13”

St. Vrain Mountain Trail, Allens Park CO 6/15/13 Part 1

Starting Elevation: 8940ft Highest elevation: 12, 162 Ft ( With all the snow fields we ended up going for a total elevation gain of 3400Ft) Trail Length: Officially it is 8.6 miles but going around some of the snow fields and our route up my fitbit said 13 miles. It took us 8 solid hoursContinue reading “St. Vrain Mountain Trail, Allens Park CO 6/15/13 Part 1”

Spruce Mountain Trail (open space), Larkspur Colorado 5/26/13

Spruce Mountain Trail> Spruce Mountain Loop> Access Road> Spruce Mountain Trailhead Starting Elevation: 7127Ft. Highest Elevation: 7568, for 550 feet elevation gain, but there is some up and down to if you do the loop I think you get closer to 650 ft Trip Length: Officially 5.5 miles and that is about what my fitbitContinue reading “Spruce Mountain Trail (open space), Larkspur Colorado 5/26/13”

Lion Gulch -Homestead Meadows, Lyons, CO 2/17/13

Lion Gulch #949 >  Griffith Homestead #979-2> Homestead Meadow Loop #971 > forest Road 120 Lowest Elevation: 7300 Ft Highest Elevation: 8700Ft ( according to the Nike GSP watch Aaron wears) We think we had a total gain of 2000 ft with the ups and downs. Trail Length:  The route we took got us 10Continue reading “Lion Gulch -Homestead Meadows, Lyons, CO 2/17/13”

Ben Tyler Trail #606 – Pike National Forest 12/1/12

Ben Tyler Trail #606 Starting Elevation: Approximately 8300Ft Highest Elevation:  Approximately 11,700Ft ( total gain would have been 3400ft) ….Unfortunately we only made it to just shy of 11,oooFt, we think Trail Length: 11.5 miles officially but since I left my fitbit at home I have no idea what it would have tracked.  In theContinue reading “Ben Tyler Trail #606 – Pike National Forest 12/1/12”

Green Mountain Via Gregory Canyon Trail – Boulder 11/17/12; Trail Specs

Gregory Canyon Trail > The Ranger Trail > Green Mountain Summit Starting Elevation: 5800-ish Feet Highest Elevation: 8144Ft ( Total Gain 2344FT) Trail Length: Officially 6ish miles, my fitbit said we got around 7 miles, It took us 4 hours to complete but the book I used said 3-4 hours and the locals were cruisingContinue reading “Green Mountain Via Gregory Canyon Trail – Boulder 11/17/12; Trail Specs”

Nighthawk Trail – Hall Ranch 11/10/12

Nighthawk Trail > Out and Back Starting Elevation:  5480 Ft Highest Elevation:  6570 ft ( but there is a an additional 320ft loss then gain for a total Elevation gain of 1410ft) Trail Length:  10.2 miles officially, unfortunately we took a wrong turn and so did a total of 12 miles today.  It took usContinue reading “Nighthawk Trail – Hall Ranch 11/10/12”