Lion Gulch -Homestead Meadows, Lyons, CO 2/17/13

Lion Gulch #949 >  Griffith Homestead #979-2> Homestead Meadow Loop #971 > forest Road 120 Lowest Elevation: 7300 Ft Highest Elevation: 8700Ft ( according to the Nike GSP watch Aaron wears) We think we had a total gain of 2000 ft with the ups and downs. Trail Length:  The route we took got us 10Continue reading “Lion Gulch -Homestead Meadows, Lyons, CO 2/17/13”

Twin Sisters Trail, Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park 9/16/12

Twin Sisters Trail Starting Elevation:  9200 ish Ft Final Elevation:  11400 ish Ft ( total gain in Elevation of 2200Ft) Trip Length:  7.2 miles is what I found officially everywhere…My fitbit tracked just over 9 miles but we wandered a lot for pictures. Trail Uses:  Hiker only mostly, there is limited Horse access. Degree of DIfficulty:Continue reading “Twin Sisters Trail, Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park 9/16/12”