Lower Mohawk Lake (Repeater), Hiked 9/28/13


When we got back to our condo after hiking Hanging Lake, the weather actually got worse but that didn’t stop us from hitting the hot tub…..in blizzard type weather.   It was awesome!


When I talked to the front desk they said that there would likely be 3-5 inches of snow in the morning but it would also be beautiful and sunny first thing in the morning so we stuck to the plan of hitting the Mohawk lakes.  I can’t lie, I always have  the underlying motive of trying to get all my favorite people to fall in love with Colorado and want to move here too.   For me the mohawk lakes ( Hike details here) show all the best of Colorado and is not that long, just outside of Breckenridge, with lakes and beautiful views.   The down side of Mohawk Lakes is that it is crowded with lots of people who don’t care about rules or any one else’s experience (did you read bitter here because it is so there).

It was pretty cold when we started but Mary was a trooper and getting suspicious.  She had asked how the trail was the night before and I said it is pretty easy (lie) until it is not (truth) and that is pretty much flat (lie) until it is not (truth)…. lets just say half way through she was on to me….. I think the best part was when we came to the series of ponds and I pointed out where we were going and she said um WHAT!?!?!?! I totally got what she was feeling, I remember doing this trail and thinking there is no way I am making it up there.  I told her trust me, before you know it we will be up there and you will wonder why you thought it was too hard.  She totally didn’t believe me….. until not that long after we were up there and she was like “WOW”

There was one little wrinkle that presented itself as we got closer to the falls  there was a group of  7 or 8 hikers with like 9 dogs…off leash (illegal) that kept kinda of barging their way past or into our hike.  At first it was just the dogs that caught up to us…. then 3 owners so we thought nothing.   Just kept moving on.  But by the time we reached the scramble I was completely over it when one of the dogs pushed its way through my legs and almost knocked me over.  We waited at the start the scramble until after they passed us, I have to admit I did not know how big the group was until that moment… seriously the owner of the dog who knocked me over walked by and I said yeah I don’t want to battle on the scramble with unleashed dogs and she said imagine how hard it would be for me if I leashed her to me…. um WHAT !?!?!?!?!?!.  Then the last person in their group was trying to be nice and let us go ahead of them and I said there is no way I can do the scramble and battle 9  unleashed dogs….  My sister was surprised at my open contempt.  Heres the thing  I LOVE dogs…. I Mean super love them but on a trail with a scramble at 11,000+ ft, an untrained dog is like asking to hurt someone.   Trained controlled dogs no problem….puppies with no training and an owner who thinks it is not her problem…. HUGE problem.

Mary and I at the Continental Falls
Mary and I at the Continental Falls


Outside of my uncontrolled dog issues, Mary was not faring as well as I had hoped she would.  She has “issues” with heights and the huge expanses as we climbed the scramble made me realize maybe she needs a better guide, which immediately transported me back to my first attempt.  It is freaky when you first climb it.  With the snow from the night before…. well it looked intimidating.  Mary, though is a fighter( I think she got that from our mom and dad)  she battled her discomfort the whole time.  When we got to the Lower lake and decided the best choice was to eat, rest and then head down, she got it all under control like the champ she is.

I am so happy!
Can you tell we are sisters....I mean our look couldn't be more identical
Can you tell we are sisters….I mean our look couldn’t be more identical

At the end she was so happy we made it to Lower Mohawk Lake but I think that maybe we both learned(big lesson for me) that someone who is completely ok with heights should warm up someone who isn’t a little more thoroughly. Either way it was a perfect day for us both!  Here are some of our favorite pictures from the hike.

Us at the scramble on the way down…Mary is MUCH more relaxed here.
Views at the scramble....love how snow is like the perfect frosting.
Views at the scramble….love how snow is like the perfect frosting.
The 2 perfect peaks are Grays and Torreys


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6 thoughts on “Lower Mohawk Lake (Repeater), Hiked 9/28/13

    1. I shamed them into leashing the one dog for a period of time but they actually let her off leash at the lake and she tried to take a sandwich away from another hiking group taking a lunch break…the owner didn’t even care. I was amazed!

  1. More great photos from Colorado. The scenery there is just stunning and has wilderness written all over it. UK scenery by contrast seems to be of a more sanitized-out-in-the-country-but-near-to-civilization type feel. If I live there, I think I’d be hiking every weekend!

    1. Thanks Rob! It really is pretty awesome here and I never get sick of it! It is exactly why it is easy for me to get out every weekend. And the weather can be surprisingly mild.

  2. I think I’ve mentioned here before that my brother-in-law is from CO. He is trying to get my sister to move there. He says the only way she would move would be to convice ME to move too. The more I see of your blog, the more I consider it.

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