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Weigh in Day 4/26/13 No Change…. 51.6 LBS down 38.4 left to go

27 Apr

No loss this week so I am trying to focus on the fact that I didn’t gain anything either.

The weather this week started out very discouraging for a hiker, with more snow on Monday and Tuesday but it did warm up so nicely that by Friday I was practically bouncing on my toes waiting for this weeks hike.  I would like to say that I wasn’t focused on my weight or lack of progress only on our next hike but let’s face it, I am like junkie looking for my next fix…. I need a frito lay anonymous group most days to keep me away from snacky salty foods that constantly call out to me.  What I did do was try my best not to give in and think about the future hikes I want to do.

As the weather turned almost perfect, I was finally able to start really plotting out the next 2 months of hikes.  It has to be really aggressive if we are going to get our first fourteener done the first week of July.  I think we have been really good about challenging ourselves with distance when we can’t get altitude so I am hoping it pays off with our shortened window.  I know you are all probably wondering why the rush, well I booked a week in the mountains that week and while we are closer to other 14ers, the one I want to do first is right by where we are staying and I really want to do it then.  We won’t be stupid, just like in the past if we have to stop, turn around and try again another time, we will.

What this week also gave me was a sense of excitement for what we are going to see this summer.  With all this last-minute snow, our scary wild-fire problem has actually lessened somewhat and our water levels are almost normal but mostly the mountains just look gorgeous.  I know it means really amazing views when we reach different summits and the wild flowers are going to be insanely abundant.  Last summer was pretty spectacular and awakened in me something I didn’t really believe was there, that desire to get higher( altitude-wise), go further and see more of all that nature built in, awe struck wonder.  Now I get it, all of those extreme athletes and some of them my friends who do triathlons, run marathons, bike 100+ mile races.  Every time we hike, the spectacular beauty we see drives home that I will not be easily satisfied until I see all that these mountains have to offer.

Well that and my legs are looking pretty killer…..

Finally, we had a breakthrough this week with Aaron’s type 1 diabetes and the challenges we have been having on our hikes.  It relates to the time we spend hiking versus his insulin pump being shut off.  We hope to test it out in the next couple of weeks but the advice for high altitude hiking for type 1 diabetics is sorely lacking, until we have it confirmed time and again I am a little afraid to put it out there.  Needless to say, Aaron had a pretty big success today  in controlling his blood sugar on our hike  so as soon as we can duplicate today’s results I will tell you all about our findings.  I think this will help us get through our aggressive agenda for the next 2 months!

Here is Nugget begging us not to leave: