My top 5 Easy hikes

Aaron is always telling me I need to rank my favorite hikes by difficulty level and then a few weeks ago Jessica over at HungryGems asked me to do the same thing.  I have been thinking about it a lot these past weeks and decided they are both right.

Here is my top 5 easy hikes that I have done so far:

5.  Fountain Valley Trail:  It is the shortest trail in Roxborough State Park and takes you around the feet of the beautiful red rocks in this park.  It has almost no elevation gain but striking views.

4.  Waterton Canyon:  This trail is a road used by Denver water but open to the public for hiking and biking because the Canyon is lovely.  You can also challenge yourself by determining how far you want to hike from 1 to 12.6 miles.  Plus there is always a good chance you can catch some long horn sheep in the Canyon.

3.  South Rim Trail:  This trail is a short 3 mile hike with a nice initial climb and then the views of Roxborough State Park take over everything.  It shows off the beauty of the park in a way none of the other trails do.  Plus you get the whole Front Range and Denver to ooohhhh and ahhh at.

2.  Rawhide Trail – White Ranch Park:  This trail has it all, beautiful views of Denver & Golden, a great forest trek and then on the West side the cascading mountains of Golden.

1. Spruce Mountain:  This is my favorite Easy hike we have done so far.  It is easy to get to, it has expansive views of the entire front range from Pikes peak to Longs Peak.  There is  an initial short climb and then the trail weaves along ridge beautifully set up like an outdoor museum where you step off the trail to viewing like areas.  I like to use it as a  good way to get visitors who will be hiking during their visit to give them a taste of Colorado’s beauty.  Plus it helps to get them active at altitude so going higher will be easier.

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2 thoughts on “My top 5 Easy hikes

  1. This is great! When I saw the title of this post pop up in my email I shouted to my boyfriend so we could look up each one together and start planning our hiking summer. We’ve already chosen your site as our guide! Keep climbing and thanks for sharing your adventures!

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