weigh in day 4/19/13 -.6, 51.6 lbs lost 38.4 lbs to go

I think so many people are just confused and a little lost this week after so much tragedy, I know I am.  I found myself tied to the tv awaiting the  details of the bombing and then details of the horrible explosion in Texas.  As I watched all the horror, I think like everyone else, I was so touched by those who stepped up and helped.

Needless to say my weight problem was not at the forefront of my thoughts every day.  I am of course really glad I lost this week and staying on track was as tough as always.

I am looking forward to our hike tomorrow if for nothing more than enjoying the sights and remembering that there are lots of good out there to counter the bad.

Published by hikingtohealthy

an enthusiastic hiker living in Colorado.

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