Weigh in Day 4/5/13 -.6, 50.2 LBS down, 39.8 LBS to go

A .6lb loss is not monumental but it is just enough to get me over 50LBS lost!!!!!  It is a great milestone to hit and I have been bouncing around on my toes all day telling anyone who will listen, well maybe just those who know that I am working on it because it would be weird to tell strangers that.  I am sure that is considered over-sharing…..

I also had an intervention from my friends and coworkers this week.  The lovely ladies I walk with and work with everyday told me I couldn’t wear my pants any more, they are just too big.  I have to admit I have not bought all that many new clothes mostly because I don’t want to invest any money yet, knowing that I would still  lose more.  I guess I will have to drop a few dollars to get some things to hold me over to more weight loss.  What a wonderful problem to have.

I would like to say tomorrow we are doing a new hike, but we aren’t mostly because the time of year is awkward.  Melting snow, lots of wind and random rain/snow makes planning higher altitude hikes a little tough.  But we need to get higher now and so I am picking higher altitude hikes we have already done since the familiarity  will help us when the ice and/or snow comes into play. Tomorrow will be a repeater but I have found a way to make it over 12 miles with lots of altitude gain and loss. We should have picked up snow shoes before they were mostly gone but we didn’t so all we can rely on are our crampons.  We will not make the same mistake next winter/spring!

2001 me
2001 me

The above picture is just more motivation for me to stay on track and keep me honest.  This is me 12 years ago right around my goal weight, actually a little more.  I had just done the Avon 3 day walk for breast cancer the weekend before, which was a 60 mile walk in 3 days from Kenosha Wisconsin to Chicago.   As a resting weekend we went camping in Michigan and hiked all around and along Lake Michigan all day long, we are getting back to that place again where a resting weekend means a day of hiking it feels great!  Now if only I could exercise myself into better hair…..

I hope your weekend is great!

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15 thoughts on “Weigh in Day 4/5/13 -.6, 50.2 LBS down, 39.8 LBS to go

  1. Congratulations! I have lost about six pounds recently and I am happy. I find that because of my height…short I really have to watch my caloric intake and being 62 doesn’t help.. But I am on my way…

  2. That is an awesome accomplishment! Congratulations. For holding you over on the clothing, try your local Goodwill store and/or consignment shops. You can also post a “Wanted” ad on your local “Freecycle” group’s page. I’m sure there is one in your area. Just remember to meet anyone you get items from in a public place – safety first. 🙂

  3. I’m glad that I read your whole post because when I first saw the photo, I thought you didn’t need to lose anymore weight. 🙂 Congratulations on 50.2! That’s an amazing amount to lose.

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