Weigh in Day 8/30/13 – No Change

I guess after losing that weight I gained back, I can’t be too surprised by not losing anything this week.  I am also not all that concerned, it was a crazy week at work and I am just glad I didn’t eat my stress which I normally would do.  I kept to working out onContinue reading “Weigh in Day 8/30/13 – No Change”

Weigh in day 7/26/13 +.6, 56.8lbs down 33.2 left to go

This small gain is not a surprise to me and I am not overly concerned about it.  With my inability to exercise for almost two weeks and break from counting calories last week, I am surprised it wasn’t more.  I will take this little gift and turn it into a challenge for my weigh inContinue reading “Weigh in day 7/26/13 +.6, 56.8lbs down 33.2 left to go”

Weigh in Day 5/17/13 NO CHANGE

no change…  which I guess means I need to change, right!?!?!? The one thing I do have to say is that I am definitely getting smaller even if I am not losing weight, maybe I need to finally do some measurements.  I hate measuring but I need to change-up something to stay motivated!  Stay tuned….Continue reading “Weigh in Day 5/17/13 NO CHANGE”

Weigh in Day 4/12/13 -.8, 51lbs down 39 lbs left to go

Another small loss, but a loss none the less!  It was a tough week for a weird reason, I wanted to celebrate reaching this milestone but my typical way of celebrating is to eat which isn’t the way to go this time.  So all I focused on was not going over my calories each dayContinue reading “Weigh in Day 4/12/13 -.8, 51lbs down 39 lbs left to go”