Weigh in day 7/26/13 +.6, 56.8lbs down 33.2 left to go

This small gain is not a surprise to me and I am not overly concerned about it.  With my inability to exercise for almost two weeks and break from counting calories last week, I am surprised it wasn’t more.  I will take this little gift and turn it into a challenge for my weigh in next week.

I do have to say I am pretty excited about my hikes this weekend, neither is very long and there isn’t a ton of elevation gain but they are both brand new hikes with some of my favorite people in the world!  I get Aaron back tomorrow and on Sunday all my favorite Colorado girlfriends!  It will be a perfect weekend!

The other thing I am getting really excited about is I am just 13 lbs away from my wedding weight!!!  Below is one of my favorite pictures from that day….we eloped…in Vegas…no one knew until we got back….And yes I did get a full-fledged wedding dress and made Aaron wear a tux even though we eloped totally in secret.  I mean look how handsome he is in a tux I was not passing up that opportunity!

July 2004
July 2004



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2 thoughts on “Weigh in day 7/26/13 +.6, 56.8lbs down 33.2 left to go

  1. Good, do not get dissappointed! I like your spirit!
    Ohoh, what a handome couple you two were (still are!) good catch for him and her;0)
    Do you still have that dress? Have a great weekend, Johanna

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