Weigh in Day 8/30/13 – No Change

I guess after losing that weight I gained back, I can’t be too surprised by not losing anything this week.  I am also not all that concerned, it was a crazy week at work and I am just glad I didn’t eat my stress which I normally would do.  I kept to working out on my normal schedule and just dealt with it all.   That in itself is a huge win and so I continue on.

More importantly we had a great hike today and with the long weekend I am planning a second hike…likely a repeater but there is something about being able to get out twice in the course of a weekend that always makes me feel good.   We also met the nicest people at the summit, best part about starting early the huge hike lovers are always out and this couple had so many good suggestions!  I was a huge dork putting everything they suggested into my iPhone for our future.  Honestly, they have been doing what we are doing for almost 15 years and I completely decided I want to be where they are in 5 years.  It was just exciting talking to them and learning about all they have done and how they have done it!  Great people to meet as things start to cool off.

I am also starting to realize that I may not meet my goal of losing 90 lbs by my 40th birthday, at least not at the rate I am going.  I know I could do a more drastic approach but the more I think about it, the  more I realize I am ok with progress this far.  It took me 10 years to put this weight on and while I would love to be a size 12 tomorrow, I am actually fine with how I am losing the weight.  Right now the most important part is that this has really started feeling like a lifestyle and not a diet.  I feel like I could live this way…..

Can’t wait to get all the hike details together to share with you all…. it was such a great day!!!!

Happy Hiking!!!

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4 thoughts on “Weigh in Day 8/30/13 – No Change

  1. I love this post! Love that you are at peace with possibly not hitting your goal – and that you feel good about adopting a long-term lifestyle! This is huge!

    I wanted to also share that we arrived into Denver late last night (on our return road trip back to Toronto) and today I did my first-ever Colorado hike: Herman’s Gulch Trail, a 6.5 mile round trip with an 1,815′ elev gain and a high point of 12,018′ (my highest to date!). Cannot wait to try some more CO hikes on return visits!

    Keep up the amazing work — you are rocking it!

    1. Nancy I cannot tell you how much your input inspired me! I also cannot wait to read about your adventures at Herman Gulch! I assume it ended at Herman Lake? I have been wanting to do that one as soon as I can…. Thank you!

      1. We did follow it up to Herman Lake – and it was breathtaking. The toughest part of the hike was actually the final push to the lake…such a grind, but so worth the payoff! I highly recommend it! Wishing I had more days there to try some of the hikes you’ve posted!

  2. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

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