Lower Mohawk Lake (Repeater), Hiked 9/28/13

When we got back to our condo after hiking Hanging Lake, the weather actually got worse but that didn’t stop us from hitting the hot tub…..in blizzard type weather.   It was awesome! When I talked to the front desk they said that there would likely be 3-5 inches of snow in the morning butContinue reading “Lower Mohawk Lake (Repeater), Hiked 9/28/13”

Hanging Lake Trail, Glenwood Canyon CO 9/27/13

Hanging Lake Trail Starting Elevation: 6387 Ft Highest Elevation: 7323 Ft Trail Length:  Officially 2.4 round trip but we probably hit 3.5 ish with all the walking around we did. Trail Uses: Hiker only Degree of Difficulty:  Officially Strenuous, but it isn’t long, just steep so I will say moderate to difficult. The whole trip took 3.5 hoursContinue reading “Hanging Lake Trail, Glenwood Canyon CO 9/27/13”

Spruce Mountain Trail, Larkspur CO (Repeater) 9/26/13

A couple of weeks ago I had the best visitor in town….my sister!  While we were planning her visit, she let me know she wanted to see more of Colorado and to see it the way I have been seeing it, by hiking.   We only had 5 days to visit and hike, so likeContinue reading “Spruce Mountain Trail, Larkspur CO (Repeater) 9/26/13”

Some times it is just hard to keep it together……

Hiking is awesome and makes everything ok for me, but sometimes even hiking can’t make reality better. It has been a REALLY bad couple of weeks for me in areas I will never talk about here, but needless to say I made it out hiking every weekend and I haven’t gained any weight (I haven’tContinue reading “Some times it is just hard to keep it together……”

Waterton Canyon – We chose safety this weekend- Hiked 9/14/13

I don’t know if you have heard about it or not, but there has been some flooding in our beautiful state.  When the rain started on Tuesday/Wednesday, all I thought was “yay!  It will finally cool off around here.”  Then Wednesday night when I was coming home from work, I started thinking, hmmm this hasContinue reading “Waterton Canyon – We chose safety this weekend- Hiked 9/14/13”

Weigh in day 9/13/13 -.2 lbs, 58.8lbs down 31.2 lbs to go

I am once again thrilled with this weigh in….not because I lost a stellar amount of weight but because I got my monthly visitor on Thursday which means that despite the typical weight gain( usually 2+lbs) with my monthly visitor I still managed to drop a very little bit of weight.   A great accomplishmentContinue reading “Weigh in day 9/13/13 -.2 lbs, 58.8lbs down 31.2 lbs to go”

Weigh in Day 9/6/13 -1.2 lbs, 58.6 lbs down 31.4lbs to go

I am both surprised and thrilled with this loss… the week was surprisingly hard but I think that the extra hike on Monday really helped me balance all the weirdness that happened throughout the rest of the week.  Tuesday Morning I couldn’t get up early and work out, not for lack of desire but IContinue reading “Weigh in Day 9/6/13 -1.2 lbs, 58.6 lbs down 31.4lbs to go”

White Ranch Park – Rawhide Trail, *Repeater* Hiked 9/2/13

When I have a long weekend ahead all I can think about is how I get to hike 2 times in the course of the weekend.  A hike we haven’t visited forever was the Rawhide Trail  ( Click the link for hike details) at White Ranch Park.  It is now an easy hike for us butContinue reading “White Ranch Park – Rawhide Trail, *Repeater* Hiked 9/2/13”

James Peak (2nd time’s the charm!) Via St. Mary’s Glacier, Alice CO hiked 8/31/13

James Peak has been haunting me since we had to turn around with the summit in view because of lightning.  I had figured doing a 14er over a long weekend would make more sense but I struggled a little bit at 12,550Ft last weekend so I decided to put it off one more week andContinue reading “James Peak (2nd time’s the charm!) Via St. Mary’s Glacier, Alice CO hiked 8/31/13”

Weigh in Day 8/30/13 – No Change

I guess after losing that weight I gained back, I can’t be too surprised by not losing anything this week.  I am also not all that concerned, it was a crazy week at work and I am just glad I didn’t eat my stress which I normally would do.  I kept to working out onContinue reading “Weigh in Day 8/30/13 – No Change”