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Weigh in Day 9/6/13 -1.2 lbs, 58.6 lbs down 31.4lbs to go

7 Sep

I am both surprised and thrilled with this loss… the week was surprisingly hard but I think that the extra hike on Monday really helped me balance all the weirdness that happened throughout the rest of the week.  Tuesday Morning I couldn’t get up early and work out, not for lack of desire but I slept through my alarm and then on Wednesday our power went out in the middle of the night lasting most of the day so no workout in the morning again then I ate something bad for lunch which landed me in bed the rest of the evening.  Finally Thursday, I had to get up super early for an appointment and so my elliptical waited until after work.  I stayed on track with calories in and getting in my other workouts but I know the hike on Monday made all the difference!  It makes me wish I lived just a little closer to some of my favorite hikes to do after work during the week.  Ahh well maybe one day!

I can tell my love of hiking is not lessening but in fact growing into a lifetime of activity, it will be part of my future planning for sure!  Plus look where I live, talk about inspiring!

Weigh in Day 12/7/12 +.6 lbs 45.4lbs down 44.6lbs to go

9 Dec

Aaaarrrrggggg, I don’t even know what I did wrong this week and yet I gained weight.  I stayed within my calories each day and got in great workouts all week-long.

I have spent the weekend trying to figure out how to change it up and stay motivated, which was hard given that we were in Breckenridge for my birthday celebration where we drank a lot and ate pretty recklessly, in between hot tubbing.   This is admittedly the hardest time of every year for me to stay on track, but I need to figure it out…..  ugh

This week I am going to focus just on not gaining any more weight back and try to do more strength training as I tend to do mostly cardio.

That and repeating this mantra, “do not give up, do not give up, do not give up”

Wish me luck.