Some times it is just hard to keep it together……

Sunset outside my front door
Sunset outside my front door

Hiking is awesome and makes everything ok for me, but sometimes even hiking can’t make reality better.

It has been a REALLY bad couple of weeks for me in areas I will never talk about here, but needless to say I made it out hiking every weekend and I haven’t gained any weight (I haven’t lost any either).  In fact I had a guest hiker here this past weekend and we did 4 hikes in 5 days.  It was a wonderful distraction for my current reality but unfortunately her departure made my current reality harder to face…like couldn’t get out of bed for a day hard to take….. but I fighting back.

Every day is a new one with new possibilities and I have 4 hikes to write about…. now 3 are repeaters but were completely different than any of the other times I had the pleasure of hiking them.   One was totally new and AMAZING!

I miss telling you about my hikes and so am going to work hard to get all the details out here as quickly as I can and then I have a hike ready to go for this weekend…. so you know I have a lot to catch up on!

Man I am so far behind….

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18 thoughts on “Some times it is just hard to keep it together……

  1. I’m so glad you have hiking to help alleviate some of the crap from this rough patch. For me, it soothes my soul in a way meditation cannot. Embrace the mountains and whatever solace they provide you, girl.

  2. Hard times come to us all, and they are, by definition not fun. Center yourself, and find your way as best you can. Forgive yourself for small mistakes (like falling behind on blogging). And remember that whatever the problem is, it too shall pass.

    1. Thank you so much! It is hard to find small accomplishments when other things seems so looming, but I am focusing on small accomplishments…. like a hike when I can grab one!

  3. Don’t give up. I’ll repost a video of a song to keep in mind, that may or may not exactly fit your circumstances, but the spirit of it is all about seeing it through to dawn’s early light. Here:

    Don’t give up…you’re not alone. For more substantive help, if there’s anything fellow bloggers can do to help, you can reach me via service at

  4. I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks as well and am 2 hike post behind myself. I agree with the others though, take time to focus on you and get back in a good place, then post when you feel like it. We will all still be here whenever that is 🙂

  5. Hiking brings happiness to my heart too…hope you saw some beautiful colors and things get better in reality…maybe I can be your next “guest hiker”. 🙂

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