Weigh in day 9/13/13 -.2 lbs, 58.8lbs down 31.2 lbs to go

I am once again thrilled with this weigh in….not because I lost a stellar amount of weight but because I got my monthly visitor on Thursday which means that despite the typical weight gain( usually 2+lbs) with my monthly visitor I still managed to drop a very little bit of weight.   A great accomplishment for me.

I was so torn this week, I mean seriously it was super tough.  Not only were we in one of the hard hit areas for flash flooding with biblical amounts of rain( weather persons assessment not mine), a lot of our favorite hikes and the routes to get to them were destroyed…..  not to mention all the people lucky enough to live in those areas struggling to make it out of them.

I am glad to say we are safe and have lost nothing but I am so sad for what everyone in Boulder, the Northwest Front range and all those beautiful mountain towns for what they lost.  Every time I saw a favorite spot destroyed I cried more.

I am lucky enough to live here in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, but it is also one of the most fragile parts and it is the front line of global warming.

I better get my butt in gear and start seeing as much as I can!




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4 thoughts on “Weigh in day 9/13/13 -.2 lbs, 58.8lbs down 31.2 lbs to go

  1. I am so glad that you are safe and sound! As I watched the news reports of the flood damage I was concerned that you might have been in the mountains during the deluge. Vermont had similar flooding two years ago and many trails and even forest roads are still impassable, though the State and National Guard did a great job of rebuilding the main highways and bridges. And, congrats on your continued weight loss!

    1. Thanks Rose! IT has been a crazy week here, I am not quite sure what to expect this weekend when we hike again! Hopefully some of my favorite trails will still be around!

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