White Ranch Park – Rawhide Trail, *Repeater* Hiked 9/2/13

Beautiful day to hike
Beautiful day to hike

When I have a long weekend ahead all I can think about is how I get to hike 2 times in the course of the weekend.  A hike we haven’t visited forever was the Rawhide Trail  ( Click the link for hike details) at White Ranch Park.  It is now an easy hike for us but it is a favorite one and I wanted to test out my new activity of jogging part of the trail.

I will admit that the original plan had been to do this hike on Sunday, with Monday left as a day to clean the house, maybe get some Halloween decorations up ( yes Halloween…..I am a Halloween lovin super freak) and possibly veg out on some Netflix.  However I over indulged on Saturday during our post James Peak Summit  liquid celebration and I woke up Sunday with the worst hangover I have had in almost 18 months!  Needless to say, I was not hiking anything on Sunday, but I was determined to get my second hike in and so bright and early Monday morning I hit the Rawhide trail.

It was great to see the trial again, the last time we had hiked was when my nieces were here 6 months ago.  The pace we set was aggressive, we really pushed ourselves to move as fast as we could, in fact I was surprised when we got to almost halfway in just 45 minutes and that was with a lot of climbing up.  Then we started jogging all the descents, it was a great way to challenge myself.  Before I knew it we were back at the parking lot in just an hour and a half.

The first time I did this hike, it took me over 3 hours and I was a wreck at the end, thinking that harder hikes were so far out of reach.  To be back here 18 months later crushing it the way we did on Monday….well it was pretty awesome!

These short weeks are usually torture but I have been feeling pretty awesome about how far I have come in my journey.   I am so excited and nervous about our hike this weekend!   We are getting up at 1:30 ish in hopes of getting to the summit by sunrise!  Wish us luck!!


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3 thoughts on “White Ranch Park – Rawhide Trail, *Repeater* Hiked 9/2/13

  1. Go you! Glad you recovered from the hangover (oh man…I hate hangovers…) so that you could rock that trail. I love going back to once-challenging things to find that I’m growing. I just started running a year ago and at first, I couldn’t even jog one tenth of a mile without feeling like I would die. I love walking but as you know, jogging is totally different! I eventually made it past one tenth and when I did my first mile all jogging, I felt amazing. When you post stories about how your hikes are getting easier, I think of my moments of triumph. As always, thanks for writing about your journey!!

    Good luck on your sunrise summit hike!

    1. It was incredibly rewarding and I was doing a lot of “yay, I can’t believe it!!!” and ” oh what can I possible do now!”
      Thank you so much for your comments they really help keep me motivated!!

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