The reality of the scale +4.4LBs ….44LBS down 46 LBS to go…….

Well now I know,  it takes just 19 days to gain back what it took a month to lose.   I will admit I ate more than I ever thought I would, the above picture is evidence of the sweet feast I created with my family on Christmas eve and mostly at my urging….. ManContinue reading “The reality of the scale +4.4LBs ….44LBS down 46 LBS to go…….”

My Break from EVERYTHING!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! I am getting back from self imposed break from everything…. I am re-energized by my visit with my family (most of them pictures above) for Christmas but to be honest I didn’t care a lick about what I ate and the quantities in which I ate it.  I have not stepped onContinue reading “My Break from EVERYTHING!!!!”

Apex Trail in Apex Park – Jefferson County Open Space 12/15/12

Apex Trail > Enchanted Forest Trail > Apex Trail Starting Elevation:  Approximately 6200 Ft Highest Elevation:  Approximately 7400 Ft,  elevation gain is 1200Ft, but the trail goes up and down so the total gain was likely more. Trail Length: 5.8 miles is what we did but there are more options to make it longer. TrailContinue reading “Apex Trail in Apex Park – Jefferson County Open Space 12/15/12”

Riverside Trail – Breckenridge 12/8/12

Riverside Trail Between Breckenridge and Frisco Starting and ending Elevation: 9600 Trail Length:  The path goes all the way to Frisco from Breckenridge, which is 9 miles one way 18 miles round trip.  We did 9.5 miles round trip. Trail Uses:  Bikes, hiking whatever its paved…. Degree of Difficulty:  Easy Bathrooms:  As you walk alongContinue reading “Riverside Trail – Breckenridge 12/8/12”

The Liebster Award!

I have to say I was quite shocked and honored on Wednesday when Henry at the MoweryJournel nominated my blog for the Liebster Award. At the MoweryJournal, Henry focuses on all those passions of his that has made his journey though life amazing! He does all ranges of topics and does them amazingly well! HeContinue reading “The Liebster Award!”

Ben Tyler Trail #606 – Pike National Forest 12/1/12

Ben Tyler Trail #606 Starting Elevation: Approximately 8300Ft Highest Elevation:  Approximately 11,700Ft ( total gain would have been 3400ft) ….Unfortunately we only made it to just shy of 11,oooFt, we think Trail Length: 11.5 miles officially but since I left my fitbit at home I have no idea what it would have tracked.  In theContinue reading “Ben Tyler Trail #606 – Pike National Forest 12/1/12”

Walker Ranch Loop – Boulder 11/24/12

Walker Ranch Loop Starting/Ending Elevation: 7287FT Net Elevation Gain: 890FT ( +1737 round trip elevation gain) Trail Length:  7.6 miles officially ( My fitbit said 9-ish miles but we spent an hour taking pictures at the falls or rapids).  It took us 4 hours to complete, not including the hour we spent taking pictures workingContinue reading “Walker Ranch Loop – Boulder 11/24/12”

Green Mountain via Gregory Canyon Trail 11/17/12 The Assessment

Sorry for the double posting and duplicate seeming emails- something weird happened with the original post and almost all of it was deleted so I had to rewrite it! The whole week before we did this hike I was pretty nervous about how hard it would be.   From everything I had read, if itContinue reading “Green Mountain via Gregory Canyon Trail 11/17/12 The Assessment”

Green Mountain Via Gregory Canyon Trail – Boulder 11/17/12; Trail Specs

Gregory Canyon Trail > The Ranger Trail > Green Mountain Summit Starting Elevation: 5800-ish Feet Highest Elevation: 8144Ft ( Total Gain 2344FT) Trail Length: Officially 6ish miles, my fitbit said we got around 7 miles, It took us 4 hours to complete but the book I used said 3-4 hours and the locals were cruisingContinue reading “Green Mountain Via Gregory Canyon Trail – Boulder 11/17/12; Trail Specs”

Nighthawk Trail – Hall Ranch 11/10/12

Nighthawk Trail > Out and Back Starting Elevation:  5480 Ft Highest Elevation:  6570 ft ( but there is a an additional 320ft loss then gain for a total Elevation gain of 1410ft) Trail Length:  10.2 miles officially, unfortunately we took a wrong turn and so did a total of 12 miles today.  It took usContinue reading “Nighthawk Trail – Hall Ranch 11/10/12”