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Catching up – 2 posts in 1. Weigh in and my 8/17/13 hike

25 Aug


It has been a weird and crazy couple of weeks, as a result I have been very neglectful to my blog so I am going to catch it up with this combined post.

I have been fighting really hard to not give in to my bad eating habits and it paid off….I managed to take off the weight I gained back and so I am at 57.4 Lbs lost, 32.6 left to go. Yay! I just focused on working out and staying within my daily calorie allotment.

My hike last weekend ended up being a repeater. I woke up at 4AM with every intention of doing a new hike but just felt really off , like I am pretty sure I cannot do a 5-7 hour hike off, adding in 3 hours of travel time ( round trip) seemed near impossible. After my weight gain I didn’t want to not do anything either and since I was already up, I headed off to Deer Creek Canyon.  It is close to home and I knew that I could get a quick 8.6 miles in with a decent leg workout.

I will admit that I felt funky at the beginning of the hike but soon found my legs and really started moving. There is something about knowing your hike so intimately that makes it fly by and seem much easier than it used to feel.  Before I knew it I was on the final mile, which is completely downhill, and so I decided to jog it. I have started noticing that smaller steps feel much better on my tired feet when the end of a hike is near and  I am struggling with the downhill return, the only way to take smaller steps comfortably is to jog a little. Since I was feeling so good I thought I would test out how it would feel to jog for an extended period of time. It felt good and I was surprised at how far I made it. It kinda made me sit back and think hmmmm, I wonder what else I can do now that I could never even consider before.  I ended up finishing the hike in under 3 hours, a personal best for me.  Unfortunately the rest of the weekend was spent in bed feeling terrible.  I am so glad I got out when I could and I think it actually helped me get back to working out faster.  Monday morning’s workout was surprisingly good.

I did do a new hike this weekend and did some jogging again at the end, it felt great….I see a new me coming around the corner, one that might actually jog occasionally.  Who knew someone who hates jogging with a passion could find a way to like it through hiking?

Healing Hike – Deer Creek Canyon, my home away from home 7/20/13

23 Jul
Best view of the day

Best view of the day

I have learned so many big lessons these past 2 weeks, most I don’t ever want to talk about.  The big word I want to focus on is I LEARNED a lot last week…. outside of those things I never want to talk about here, I did learn that while Aaron and I can sit through 3-5 hours of tattooing that doesn’t mean we should.  Healing has been difficult to say the least, and I think this is the first time we have experienced the challenge of healing for a type 1 diabetic.

I had hoped I could start exercising sooner, but so slowly my leg felt better and I could finally start doing walks again last Wednesday almost 2 full weeks after getting my tattoo.  It was strange feeling stuck and not liking it.  I couldn’t sleep well, I stopped tracking calories and then I had a lot of “OTHER” issues to contemplate.  It was a super tough-struggle-to-deal-with-it week….in the end I decided I needed a week break from my new lifestyle.  I get that I shouldn’t ever do this nor should I ever find reasons to make a break OK but last week I needed it and I am washing away my guilt right or wrong.

As I started walking and stretching for the first time in almost 2 weeks it felt sooooo GOOD.  Aaron was not at the same healing place I was but I needed to move forward to get out of my head and house.  We talked about what I could do and decided that Deer Creek Canyon(Hike Details Here) was my best option for a quick centering hike to get me back on track but not too tough for my almost healed tattoo.

I was resigned to hiking alone which is not ideal, but I needed centering so I was ready to find my purpose stick in my head phones and sweat it out.

Strangely  coincidental, I have a good solid group of people I walk with at work every week day and each week I talk about what our hiking plans are then how the hike went.  My walking buddy and friend Lisa asked about my plans and when I said what I was doing she asked if she could join me.  It was perfect!  There is nothing like converting someone  to love hiking to help me get back on track.

Lisa was a super trooper, she is incredibly active but not hiking a couple of mountains active.  Nothing like jumping in and taking on 6+miles with 1300 feet of elevation for her first hike with me.  I was so impressed, she kept a great attitude kept moving and celebrated a little when we started heading down.

The hike and Lisa were exactly what I needed to get me focused on where I want to go.  She loved the hike and helped me remember all that I had accomplished over the past 17 months.  It was great and motivating and lifted me back up to where I needed to be.

This Monday I was back on the plan, exercising counting calories and picking our next hikes. We will be doing an easier hike this weekend because of our unplanned break and Aaron’s still healing tattoo but  its a new one that I have wanted to do for a while.  I will also be doing my monthly girls hike, which is another new one and I got Lisa to sign up for another hike with me…pretty excited about that!


My Break from EVERYTHING!!!!

1 Jan


Family picture

I am getting back from self imposed break from everything…. I am re-energized by my visit with my family (most of them pictures above) for Christmas but to be honest I didn’t care a lick about what I ate and the quantities in which I ate it.  I have not stepped on scale since Tuesday December 18th and I will not step on until this Friday which is my usual weigh in day.  I am sure I have gained weight back and I am ok with it.  I will lose it as I get into shape for my first 14er ( mountain that is over 14000Ft high).  Plus I am determined to get to healthy weight before I turn 40 which is just 11 months away.   I did get in some exercise over my break but not what I would have liked, mother nature and a nasty cold have been huge road blocks.  I got a solid 6 mile walk in the sunday before Christmas and was going to take pictures of all the beautiful lights we saw to share it, but it was insanely cold.  I had forgotten how cold 20 degrees was with humidity in the air, I felt like such a wimp and after all the hikes I have done in bad weather…. so no pictures after all.

Now when I go to sea level, coming home to 5600Ft takes me a couple of weeks to find my high altitude lungs.  This time was no different but I kept on walking at lunch time at work and had a hike planned for this past weekend.  It was a repeater because I needed something I knew I could do, we did Deer Creek Canyon close to home and it was 6.8 miles so I knew it would be a good challenge but hopefully not too hard after traveling earlier in the week.  What I hadn’t counted on was the head cold I ended up getting after the hike.  I kinda knew I had been working on something in the cold family and I think I naively thought some good hard exertion would get it out of my system before taking root.

Trail Conditions 1

There has been snow off and on the past week or so here, but it was pretty fresh Saturday morning so we didn’t need any additional assistance outside of our poles.  It was cold, like 12 degrees when we started but without humidity it was still warmer then my walk with my sister in Springfield…LOVE COLORADO!!!!  I was seriously huffing and puffing up the first mile, I didn’t want to stop because I had to get over that altitude  crush at the beginning of every hike even though this one was doubly bad after my return.  This was a great hike as it always is, and it was even more challenging than I expected because the fresh snow was like walking in sand….up hill, that is occasionally slick.

Al & KatTrail2

What I had not counted on was the bizarre amount of sweat I produced on that initial 2 mile incline, I don’t know if you can tell in the picture above but my hat was soaked from it.  Honestly I never thought I would need a backup hat and so didn’t have one on hand.  I had to keep it on because my hair was soaked through and it was still under 20 degrees out although sunny!  It was just before this picture that my husband commented that I didn’t look so good and he was worried about my wet hat….. I was still feeling pretty awesome at this point but could tell whatever I had been working on for the past 3 days was about to win.  We finished the hike in just 2 hours and 20 minutes, a record for us.  Then we hit REI and I picked up 2 new hiking books, one on 14ers and one on alpine lake hikes.  I can’t wait to plot out the next 11 months of hiking!

I love this hike for so many reasons, but mostly because it always reminds me of where I started 9 months ago and why I moved to Colorado.  It always helps to get me focused back on my goals to see how far I have come.

Sadly the cold I got as a result has completely kicked my butt and I have spent the past 3 days in bed trying to recover, which is pretty bad since I am usually a 24 hour and done kind of girl.   I am at least in a sitting position today and trying to stretch all my sick sore muscles.  I am hoping tomorrow I can get at least half of my usual workout(s) done and I am going to work hard to get better so that we can get a hike in this weekend.  It may be an easy one but a hike none the less.

Thank you so much for following me on this journey!  I cannot tell you how much all of your words of encouragement have helped me!

Here’s to a brand new year and the excitement of reaching my goals!  I hope your goals are met too!