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Healing Hike – Deer Creek Canyon, my home away from home 7/20/13

23 Jul
Best view of the day

Best view of the day

I have learned so many big lessons these past 2 weeks, most I don’t ever want to talk about.  The big word I want to focus on is I LEARNED a lot last week…. outside of those things I never want to talk about here, I did learn that while Aaron and I can sit through 3-5 hours of tattooing that doesn’t mean we should.  Healing has been difficult to say the least, and I think this is the first time we have experienced the challenge of healing for a type 1 diabetic.

I had hoped I could start exercising sooner, but so slowly my leg felt better and I could finally start doing walks again last Wednesday almost 2 full weeks after getting my tattoo.  It was strange feeling stuck and not liking it.  I couldn’t sleep well, I stopped tracking calories and then I had a lot of “OTHER” issues to contemplate.  It was a super tough-struggle-to-deal-with-it week….in the end I decided I needed a week break from my new lifestyle.  I get that I shouldn’t ever do this nor should I ever find reasons to make a break OK but last week I needed it and I am washing away my guilt right or wrong.

As I started walking and stretching for the first time in almost 2 weeks it felt sooooo GOOD.  Aaron was not at the same healing place I was but I needed to move forward to get out of my head and house.  We talked about what I could do and decided that Deer Creek Canyon(Hike Details Here) was my best option for a quick centering hike to get me back on track but not too tough for my almost healed tattoo.

I was resigned to hiking alone which is not ideal, but I needed centering so I was ready to find my purpose stick in my head phones and sweat it out.

Strangely  coincidental, I have a good solid group of people I walk with at work every week day and each week I talk about what our hiking plans are then how the hike went.  My walking buddy and friend Lisa asked about my plans and when I said what I was doing she asked if she could join me.  It was perfect!  There is nothing like converting someone  to love hiking to help me get back on track.

Lisa was a super trooper, she is incredibly active but not hiking a couple of mountains active.  Nothing like jumping in and taking on 6+miles with 1300 feet of elevation for her first hike with me.  I was so impressed, she kept a great attitude kept moving and celebrated a little when we started heading down.

The hike and Lisa were exactly what I needed to get me focused on where I want to go.  She loved the hike and helped me remember all that I had accomplished over the past 17 months.  It was great and motivating and lifted me back up to where I needed to be.

This Monday I was back on the plan, exercising counting calories and picking our next hikes. We will be doing an easier hike this weekend because of our unplanned break and Aaron’s still healing tattoo but  its a new one that I have wanted to do for a while.  I will also be doing my monthly girls hike, which is another new one and I got Lisa to sign up for another hike with me…pretty excited about that!


Weigh in day 7/12/13 -.4, 56.4 down 32.6 left to go

12 Jul

I am going to be honest, I am suspicious of this loss. Not because we over indulged on vacation last week, we absolutely did, but I kept true to our aggressively active vacation attitude so I wasn’t too worried about a huge gain and I would have been happy with a maintain.

We did 3 of the 5 hikes I wanted to get done mostly because we over celebrated our 14er accomplishment (got good and drunk). We worked out on days we didn’t hike and we always walked the 2.5 miles to town from our hotel and then back up the mountain at least once. I am so proud of myself for sticking with it.

After completing our first 14er and celebrating 15 years together, we decided the best way to commemorate the 2 events was new tattoos on our legs.  The we both got complicated ones that took a long time to complete, mine 4.5 hrs and Aaron’s 3.5 hrs. I was ok with the 48-72 hours they suggest you just sit around to help it heal well, but as it turned out with bigger more complicated tattoos you need to give them more time. When I got on the elliptical Monday morning before work, I did just 30 minutes when the throbbing tattoo won out, then watched as it got worse and worse in its appearance, barely being able to walk because my right leg was swollen and sore.  After 8 hours of over moisturizing it I finally got a chance to do some research and learned you aren’t supposed to work out for like a week or two after really big and/or intense pieces of work(and I over moisturized). Honestly I couldn’t have even taken a nice walk if I wanted too, all week just getting around for the basics has been challenging so this is why I am suspicious of any loss.

But I will take it for sure!  I am feeling so much better today and if I didn’t have to travel this weekend, I would likely have started working out again tomorrow even though a hike is out of the question.  Since I am traveling to sea level for a few days our hike next weekend will be an easier one, then I think a 13er the next week and the week after I would like to try another 14er!  I am completely addicted to summits now!

I do owe one more write-up on our third hike and I should get that out next week when I get back into town.

Below is my new tattoo right after it was done, the best it has looked all week, I can’t wait until it is done healing.   It is a Hamsa, supposed to keep the evil eye or evil off of you, in case you were wondering.