The reality of the scale +4.4LBs ….44LBS down 46 LBS to go…….

Sweet feast

Well now I know,  it takes just 19 days to gain back what it took a month to lose.   I will admit I ate more than I ever thought I would, the above picture is evidence of the sweet feast I created with my family on Christmas eve and mostly at my urging….. Man do I love to bake.  I just don’t do it very much because I love to eat what I bake too much, well that and anything Frito Lay.   After this feast of fresh-baked cookie awesomeness, I hopped a plane and headed back home but not to get back on the bandwagon.  In fact I knew that I just wanted to be on break until 1/1/13 but I wanted to keep active.  Unfortunately I wasn’t planning on getting so stinkin sick and so all my good “be active” plans went out the window, as the only time I have been out bed in the past week is to go to work.  When I stood on the scale this past Friday I was not shocked just surprisingly disappointed, but I did feel better in general noting I didn’t need any medicine just to get into the shower.

I had such high expectations that I would bound out of bed this morning, miraculously better after 6 solid days of head cold hell.   I am sure no one is surprised that I more crawled out and stared at my hiking outfit like,” please don’t judge me”.  The good thing is Aaron had no false illusions about what I could tackle today so when I charmingly said yeah I think I got 4-6 solid miles in me let’s hit Waterton Canyon, he coyly responded how about Cherry Creek State Park and let’s take it easy today.  This way we are close to home just in case and there are lots of easy paths to get your lungs back.   I was so not into this idea as it isn’t hiking to me, but he is too smart for his own good!  The first tiny,itsy bitsy incline just a 100 feet away from the car kicked my butt and I was coughing nonstop.  I don’t even want to talk about how slow I was walking and how I kept thinking it seemed like he was running….. less than 3 miles later I was climbing back into the car wondering how long I had to wait to get back into bed.

I know everyone and everything has been talking about how bad the cold and flu season is this year, but I seriously didn’t think it was as bad as what I have been living through for the past week.  And I am still not better!  For the next 6 days I am focusing on eating healthy and getting in as much exercise as this recovery will let me.   I am going to tentatively plan an easy hike for next weekend in hopes that I have finally stopped coughing by then.  I hope none of you are so unlucky as to get afflicted with this nastiness, suck down that vitamin C and wash those hands excessively!


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16 thoughts on “The reality of the scale +4.4LBs ….44LBS down 46 LBS to go…….

  1. I’ve heard that this season’s flu is a real humdinger…sounds like your cold was nasty enough. Hiking without full lung capacity is not pleasant..been there, done that. Take it easy on yourself!

  2. Your baking is fabulous I must say, and I OD on it every time I get my hands on some. One step backwards, two steps forward. You have the discipline, you’ve proven that already. Good for you for getting out today – I hope you feel better soon!!!

  3. Hope you feel better soon. It is frustrating to bust your buns for a month and within short order you regain. Been there, done that. I’ve always enjoyed baking, but eat as I go….not good. Had to find a new hobby…. Photography has no calories….lol. Take it easy!

  4. Soon enough. It’s better to pace yourself and not suffer a relapse…. I got the crud too and today was the first day in 16 days I was able to go for an enjoyable hike and not cough excessively. The mountains will wait for you. They are good at that!

  5. Its inevitable that after eating so well and exercising so much that you would gain some back. I’ve gain about 8 lbs back since Thanksgiving. I think what this does is test your ‘will’ and your ‘desire’ to get fit and healthy.

    I know that you’ll get back to it and will be active again soon after this darn flu passes. You’ve got what it takes!

    1. Thanks Pete! I have been able to get a little exercising in each of the past few days so I am feeling better about moving my behind more. I think our hike this weekend will be easy but we will get to hike.

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