Weigh in Day 1/11/13 -1.4 Lbs, 45.4 lbs down 44.6 Lbs to go.

I was pretty thrilled with my weigh in today, it was a tough week getting back on track and I blame popcorn.   Yes, Popcorn.  Not my inability to control my urges or the fact that I fell off the wagon, so to speak, a few weeks ago, but popcorn.  It was in my dreams and I thought about it all day, every day this week.  I would try to save just enough calories at the end of each night so I could throw a bag of it in the microwave to help get me through the day.   I am ashamed to say I ate it even when I wasn’t all that hungry.

You know how it seems most people have a weakness towards either sweet or salty stuff, well I am a salty girl and nothing makes my salty monster happier then a buttery bag of popcorn.  Ok maybe Cheetos make me happier, but I am a pretty indiscriminate salty girl add some cheese and I am in heaven!  This was my challenge this week.

All the above confessed too, I managed to stay pretty close to my daily calorie allotment or exercise enough that what I went over didn’t matter too much.  I dipped my toes slowly back into exercise this week after 8 days of illness and probably coughed through half my sessions, not too bad considering I couldn’t even talk last week without coughing for 5 minutes in between statements.   Oh and I started doing a yoga class once a week at work, it is super cheap for eight weeks while not being remotely intimidating.  Plus there are only like 5 people in there seeing me not quite get my plank to downward facing dog right….. it’s a win win!

It was exactly the kind of win I need this week!  I have an easy hike planned tomorrow in remembrance of my cough-o-rama last week, but it is a hike as it is non paved through a lovely valley where a gillion other people  will congregate for jogging, biking and hiking on a cold snowy day along the front range.   I am not overly excited about the crowds but glad to get back out there and get back into some hiking lungs.

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10 thoughts on “Weigh in Day 1/11/13 -1.4 Lbs, 45.4 lbs down 44.6 Lbs to go.

  1. Popcorn – nature’s packing material! 🙂

    I guess you can’t blame folks for wanting to enjoy nature. Given the flu going around, you’re much better off outdoors than in a crowded theather or an airlight flight…

    1. Oh my goodness, never thought of popcorn that way but you are so right John! I can’t blame them, especially when I am one of them! The trail is a front range staple easy to do, easy to get to I will have details later this weekend….

  2. One of my favorite foods (besides tacos) is popcorn. Many times when hubby is working I’ll eat popcorn for dinner, the homemade type made with olive oil and lots of salt. I know, hot air popped would be better, but….

    1. Everyone is ok to admitting to popcorn because in some sense, maybe, it is found in nature….. But all salty people harbor deep love for the Cheetos, even though there is no way in hell any ingredient used to make them is remotely natural. They are the root of all evil, I hate them….. But LOVE them!!!!
      I am pretty excited to get out there tomorrow even though it will be insanely cold!

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