Weigh in 1/17/14 No Change

So this sucks… not because there is no change but because well…. I did GREAT this week.  I mean seriously great!  I worked out and stayed within my calories every day. The down side, I had events… I had my hair cut and colored( no washing for at least 24 hrs,, which means no hardContinue reading “Weigh in 1/17/14 No Change”

Green Mountain – Lakewood CO Girlfriend Hike #4 11/17/13

Rooney Road > To Green Mt Summit trail Starting Elevation: 6061 ft HIghest Elevation: 6804 ft ( 900 Ft Total elevation gain) Trail Length: I thought 4 miles but we came up short at the summit and then went long…. so we got in 5 miles. Trail Uses: Hiker and biker Degree Of Difficulty: EasyContinue reading “Green Mountain – Lakewood CO Girlfriend Hike #4 11/17/13”

Hells Hole Trail #53, Idaho Springs CO hiked 10/26/13

Hell’s Hole Trail #53 Starting Elevation:  9600Ft Highest Elevation: 11,578 Ft ( total Elevation gain was around 2200 ft.) Hells Hole is actually at 11,200 but we went past and above it. Trail Length:  I read anywhere from 8-10 miles on the accounts of it I could find.  My fitbit was close to 10 milesContinue reading “Hells Hole Trail #53, Idaho Springs CO hiked 10/26/13”

To confess or not to confess…. The stress of the weigh in….UGH

I have been decidedly not talking about my weight loss journey and as you can probably guess, for all the bad reasons no one ever wants to talk about it. ….It is not going well. I want to say that I have been hard-core, and kinda I have been but at the same time IContinue reading “To confess or not to confess…. The stress of the weigh in….UGH”

Weigh in day 6/14/13 No Change….

I am OK with this no change.  It was a tough week in terms of staying on track so in and of itself, not gaining is a win. Colorado has again been racked by wildfires and the devastation is staggering.  There is so much beauty here and seeing it lost in a matter of daysContinue reading “Weigh in day 6/14/13 No Change….”

Spruce Mountain Trail (open space), Larkspur Colorado 5/26/13

Spruce Mountain Trail> Spruce Mountain Loop> Access Road> Spruce Mountain Trailhead Starting Elevation: 7127Ft. Highest Elevation: 7568, for 550 feet elevation gain, but there is some up and down to if you do the loop I think you get closer to 650 ft Trip Length: Officially 5.5 miles and that is about what my fitbitContinue reading “Spruce Mountain Trail (open space), Larkspur Colorado 5/26/13”

Ben Tyler Trail #606 – 3rd time is NOT the charm! 5/25/13

Ahh how we are gluttons for punishment!  This past week was another perfect, warm week in Denver and as a result we convinced ourselves that we would try Ben Tyler ( Hike Details here) this weekend in hopes the snow was manageable enough to make it to the top.  I cannot tell you how desperateContinue reading “Ben Tyler Trail #606 – 3rd time is NOT the charm! 5/25/13”

Ben Tyler Trail #606-Pike National forest. 2nd attempt failed- 5/11/13

When we kind of stubbornly decided we were going to do Ben Tyler Trail (hike details here) this weekend, I knew deep down there was no way in hell we would make it to the top……. AGAIN.  It is really close to Kenosha Pass and one of the areas that probably got 4-5 feet ofContinue reading “Ben Tyler Trail #606-Pike National forest. 2nd attempt failed- 5/11/13”

Bergen Peak Trail, Elk Meadow Open space *AGAIN* 4/20/13

This week has been tough on so many levels for so many reasons and I know I am not the only one struggling to find balance and meaning.  I can tell you that the only thing on our minds yesterday was getting out hiking and getting as high as we could (altitude wise of course),Continue reading “Bergen Peak Trail, Elk Meadow Open space *AGAIN* 4/20/13”