Bergen Peak(Repeater), Evergreen CO hiked 5/24/14

The snow is still plentiful all over the mountains and frankly I didn’t feel like dealing with it last weekend but I really wanted to get close to 10,000 ft high.  Plus I have been feeling sadly out of shape so I picked my favorite standby, Bergen Peak (Hike Details here).  The day was actuallyContinue reading “Bergen Peak(Repeater), Evergreen CO hiked 5/24/14”

Bergen Peak Trail, Elk Meadow Open space *AGAIN* 4/20/13

This week has been tough on so many levels for so many reasons and I know I am not the only one struggling to find balance and meaning.  I can tell you that the only thing on our minds yesterday was getting out hiking and getting as high as we could (altitude wise of course),Continue reading “Bergen Peak Trail, Elk Meadow Open space *AGAIN* 4/20/13”