Weigh in 1/17/14 No Change

So this sucks… not because there is no change but because well…. I did GREAT this week.  I mean seriously great!  I worked out and stayed within my calories every day.

The down side, I had events… I had my hair cut and colored( no washing for at least 24 hrs,, which means no hard sweaty working out for at least that long ,oh and I sweat like a crazy person at the drop of a hat). but I did other  stuff that caused no sweating…. which was tricky.

I had too much fun out with my favorite lovely lady, Carrie, to celebrate how awesome she is another year older…

Oh and I was on track to lose…. until Thursday at 5PM when nature intervened.

Next week will bet better in terms of weight loss.

The other killer challenge I have taken on… getting off diet coke, yep I am giving up pop.  This is crazy hard for me, I have seriously been drinking diet pop since I was 5 years old… the only time in my life I got spanked, opening a bottle of Tab when I was 5 or 6 before the party started( we only got pop on weekends and at parties in those days).  My last few cans of diet coke ran out on Thursday and I have had anxiety dreams for weeks about it, you know the end of the world and the only thing you want is a cold diet coke… or trade your husband for a diet coke to save your life(no way… um I mean sure or of course).  Do not offer any guests my diet coke ….I NEED THEM….. what is more important, diet coke or a healthy lifestyle(…. DIET COKE….) I mean a healthy lifestyle.  man I love diet coke…..

Crafty Diet Coke for making me so addicted….. my goal this week to only succumb 1 time a day to my evil monkey on my back, diet coke. Oh and actually lose weight.

Anywho…. another week awaits with aspartame deprived headaches and cold sweats( and hot sweats because I sweat like a dude), I am committed.

Get out and hike, life is too short!

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an enthusiastic hiker living in Colorado.

22 thoughts on “Weigh in 1/17/14 No Change

  1. Kudos to you for trying to give up Diet Coke. Diet Dr Pepper is my vice, but I’m not as strong as you. I did reduce myself to 2 a day awhile back, and am fine with that, but I can’t give it up completely. Sweet, Sweet DDP, haha. Good luck during the withdrawal symptoms and stay strong!

  2. Go you on cutting out sodas (that’s what I call them)!!! You can so do this. You own your bright, beautiful future and this is just another way to claim your liberation from your old crutches. I’m rooting for you from many miles away. Thank you (again) for sharing your journey. Don’t give up. You are beautiful!!!!

  3. I gave up Dr Pepper (again) a month ago and I swear I feel better. I had a sip a few weeks ago and it was so sweet I didn’t even like it. For me, sugar is addictive. Still working on cutting out all sweets. Way to go on ditching the diet Coke.

  4. I am so excited to hear you are giving up pop!! I’m convinced if more people made just that one change it would have significant health and weight loss benefits.
    You can do this! You are strong and beautiful!

  5. Wendy and I LOVED coffee and giving it up was extremely difficult. But it turned out to be one of the best decisions of our lives, in the last year. Sure, for a few days, I had severe headaches and I kept nodding off, every now and then. But I no longer have all the energetic issues and where I used to have heartburn on a daily basis, I haven’t had that problems since. Good luck on those dietary changes. This is the stuff that will completely change your life!

  6. best of luck my husband and I gave up all pop,soda about 12 years ago and after the first few months is over like any thing you just don’t miss it any more… We drink tea iced and hot instead… It helps with the caffeine loss headaches… you may want to try iced tea with some kind of artificial sweetener and see if you can use it as a tool to get past the hump in the change…

  7. Yep Coke and diet Coke are really addictive. My partner drinks about a litre (130 fluid oz) of caffeine free / sugar free diet Coke a day. Yes, you read the correctly. But she can’t give it up. Diet soft drinks contain all sorts of nasties. If I’m going to drink the bad stuff, it’s got to be the fully sugar-laden stuff because I think sugar has to be better for me than aspartine (or whatever they are calling it these days). I tend to restrict my soft drinks to days when I’m out in the heat doing long bike rides or hikes.

    1. They are soooo addictive! At one point in my life I was drinking that much myself so I feel your partners pain! But today is the first day diet coke free and… IT WAS AWFUL! But I hopeful tomorrow will better assuming I can sleep with this headache. Thank you!!!

  8. I’ve found that drinking tea really helped me cut down on my soda habit. At first, it was a terrible replacement. But after a week of forcing myself to just make it and drink it, it got easier. I find a good English black tea works best for me, especially in a LARGE portable mug. Supposedly it’s better for your teeth too…

  9. Hey, that’s fantastic! I hope the transition away from pop passes quickly for you. It’s a challenge – I stopped drinking coffee – but it was hardly any time at all before I began to feel better. I’m a serious tea drinker, but there don’t seem to be any sides effects from that for me. Our health is first, right? Then we can decide who we’re willing to give our money in support to after that. No more for the sugar (or chemical)
    and water industries 🙂

  10. Ahhh — diet Coke addiction — I too got sucked into that, but both my husband and I gave it up for good this past year — we now drink tons of Honest Tea Honey Green Tea and have found it to be much more healthy and believe it or not, we are losing weight by NOT drinking Diet Coke. Stick with it — the withdrawal gets easier — I don’t even miss it anymore.

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