Evergreen Mountain – 3 Sisters Adlefer, Evergreen CO Hiked 1/11/14 & Mt. Hikingtohealthy done 1/12/14

View at the Summit
View at the Summit

The weather has been questionable lately and on Friday, high wind warnings were given to any place above 6000 Ft, which just about everywhere on the front range.   Hiking in high winds is not fun especially when the warnings are for 80+ mile an hour winds at times.  With this new little wrinkle thrown in, we decided a good old standby was in order… Evergreen Mountain (Hike Details here).   The best part about going to Evergreen Mt is that it gets above 8500 Ft and the exit for the hike is right about where traffic was getting super bad for the skiers heading up for the day.

We timed it perfect, the winds slowed down right when we started at 9 AM, knowing  that it would be picking up again around 11 or 12, our goal was to finish in 3 hours.  There was snow throughout the hike but it wasn’t too bad, although it was bizarrely heavy and felt more like sand.  The best part, we had the whole way up to ourselves which has never happened before!  I think the wind warnings scared a lot of the other hikers off, so yay us!


The first time we saw anyone was at the summit and then it picked up a little traffic wise, I think saw about 10-15 people on the way down.  Not bad for a Saturday at this open space.  The other great thing was the sky and how it was changing through out the whole hike.  At one point Mt. Evans was lit up like a spot light was shining down on it.


We finished the hike in just under 3 hours, right as the wind gusts really started picking back up.  The hike was beautiful as always and challenging in terms of getting used to the higher altitude again. I want to get above 9000 Ft this upcoming weekend but I am not yet sure where to go.


The wind warnings stuck through Sunday, when we were planning on doing our second hike and then I slept in later than planned with company coming over around noon, getting to an actual hike was out.  So I improvised, in between doing sets of weights I would just climb the stairs in my house.  When we finished the weights, I did 30 minutes straight of stairs to get a total of 109 flights done in an hour.  I officially named the stairs Mt. Hikingtohealthy.  Having hiked the equivalent of 135 flights of stairs the day before, I figured my legs would be in good shape afterwards…. they have been so sore I can’t believe it!

Bottom half of Mt. Hingtohealthy
Bottom half of Mt. Hingtohealthy
Top half of Mt. HIkingtohealthy
Top half of Mt. Hikingtohealthy

It was a great substitution for a day, but I did miss my views.  Mt. Hikingtohealthy will be seldom visited…. unless we take the next step by printing off all our hiking pictures and line the walls with them so I have manufactured views.  Right now there is still too much of Colorado to see to stay locked in my house climbing stairs, so that is low on my to do list.

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9 thoughts on “Evergreen Mountain – 3 Sisters Adlefer, Evergreen CO Hiked 1/11/14 & Mt. Hikingtohealthy done 1/12/14

  1. Doing the stairs was an excellent example of adapting to a changing environment. If the workout is a big enough priority you will find a way to get it in. Nice job!

  2. I used to work in a 20 story building, and I would climb it twice at lunch 3 days a week. Good workout in any weather, but the view was rather lacking! Keep up the good work.

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