To confess or not to confess…. The stress of the weigh in….UGH

I have been decidedly not talking about my weight loss journey and as you can probably guess, for all the bad reasons no one ever wants to talk about it. ….It is not going well.

I want to say that I have been hard-core, and kinda I have been but at the same time I know I am not doing my best.  Life happens, and this where I always end up failing.  I have spent the last month and half doing a million things outside of hiking, exercising and while my eating hasn’t been perfect, it doesn’t explain why I have gained so much weight back….  The truth is, I have gained back weight and then lost some of what I gained back.

For the past 2 weeks I have been focusing on not quitting, which I would normally do at this stage in pursuit of my goal weight.  And OMG, I am great at quitting when it comes to weight loss but I don’t want to quit, I really want to get healthy and I want to do and see more of Colorado while hiking like a crazy person!

The hardest part of being me is, I am truly addicted to food( really bad for you food) and unlike those addicted to substances, I can’t give up food since I need it to live  so I am just trying to manage.

I am in a managing stage.

It is not ideal but it is where I am at.

In the end, I had gained back 2.8 LBS and this week I lost .8 LBS which makes me only +2lbs. I am sort of ok with this.

While I fight my desire to quit, I have managed to plan a months worth of hikes to keep me motivated.

SInce I am not on a diet but a life change, I figure that this will always be my challenge in life and if I can’t figure out how to get through today, then how can I possibly hope to get through tomorrow?

This is my confession and my hope, I am 17 months into this journey and I am so much happier for everything I have seen and done in that time.  I am holding on to all those summits and spectacular views as motivation to Keep moving forward.

Our hike today was a great motivator and the hike I have planned for next week has butterflies in my stomach because I can’t wait to see it.

I am sorry and I am back on track…I swear!


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25 thoughts on “To confess or not to confess…. The stress of the weigh in….UGH

  1. Your determination and self-awareness are pretty inspiring. Good for you for rejecting the desire to quit when the scale’s not going the direction you want. Sounds like you’ve got exciting hiking plans worked out for the rest of the summer. Can’t wait to read about/see photos from your treks!

  2. Your courage in admitting this most recent struggle is inspiring. Don’t quit! You are awesome — and your journey is a success! Don’t let the discouraging small weight gain negate all the positive wins you’ve experienced these past 17 months. I found myself getting discouraged that I wasn’t consistently dropping a pound a week, despite ensuring I was burning 3,500 more calories per week than I consumed. You can’t beat yourself up like that though. You can just keep making the smarter, healthier options, as often as you can — and know that you’re giving yourself the long-term gift of a healthier and longer life. Rock on, Warrior! xoxo nancy

  3. From a person that has had a whole life of ‘Set-backs’, Your problem is minor. I was very ‘Bummed’ about my my problems also until I started my Physical Therapy last week. Wow, some of the people there have problems that made me feel ashamed to be sad about my own. So Cheer up Girl ! I have a huge admiration for you and ALL that you have accomplished. You have every right to be Proud! Bob

  4. Good for you for putting this out there. Food issues are hard because it is something you just can’t avoid. Can’t wait for the next trail review. Again, I am loving them!

  5. Is the objective to lose weight or to become healthier? Look at the duration of your hikes now as opposed to a year ago. You’re much healthier now, I bet, than you ever have been. Stay the course and your weight will drop.

    1. It is to become healthier, it has just been a tough series of weeks of going no where in the weight loss journey. I am so much healthier but the reality is I would love to be at a lower weight. So I am just focusing on the healthier part right now and if I see weight loss, great! Thanks for the encouragement and advice!

    2. Agreed, ChgoJohn. Weight is only a number. How you feel is the better and more important measure of success.

      Also, muscle weighs more than fat, so maybe you’re gaining muscle (which also burns more calories than fat, even when you’re resting)!

    1. Yeah, in the course of things it doesn’t seem like a big deal but it takes me a month to lose that weight and so I saw it as a month wasted…but I need to focus on what I can accomplish today versus what I could do. Thanks for the perspective.

  6. I know it can be frustrating to gain weight when you are working so hard to lose it. But take it from one who IS fit and who does watch the food intake, and is aware of yummy foods that are only occasionally indulged in…. I too gain weight. 2-5 lbs. Sometimes it measurable by the weigh scale, and sometimes it’s only a feeling. I think you are doing GREAT and I love your hiking stories and pics. You have I think created a hiking habit and it’s a good habit to have. It is making you heart fit and healthy. Don’t worry so much about the bit of gain when you have an active lifestyle. It will come off in time.

  7. Hey don’t get discouraged. With weight loss and physical training it is usually two steps forward, one step backwards. Also as I am sure you are aware sometimes as you exercise you don’t lose weight you reposition it. While working out is an everyday habit to have, to judge success should not be done on an everyday bases. From everything I have read you are doing great. Be proud of your accomplishments. It takes time.

  8. Keep hiking. You will find balance in all aspects of your life in nature. Good things happen to those who demonstrate perseverance!

  9. It’s good to be able to roll with life and then get back on track without too much stress about it. After all, you’ve lost over 55 lbs. which is a whole human person worth of weight. How incredibly wonderful is that?!!

  10. Keep working towards your goals! You’ve got the right attitude, a couple setbacks don’t mean much if you recognize them and move forward. You got this!

  11. It’s such hard work. I don’t understand what motivates one person vs another. Too-tight pants get me in gear! I do think this hot weather is sapping our energy and resolve. Cooler days ahead.

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