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Mt. Falcon, Morrison CO (repeater) hiked 11/3/13

16 Nov
views on the way up.

views on the way up.

I had great expectations for that this second hike of my 3 day weekend on Saturday…. like climb Mt. Everest expectations….. What I got was not so great.

*** WARNING FEMALE ISSUES WILL BE DISCUSSED****There are just days that are not meant to be…. I have been off the pill for 2 years, I can tell you 15 years ago, before I got on the pill, each month was a juggle of time and advil… and it was bad, like throw up once a month can’t get out of bed bad.  But like so many before me, we figure it out and live our lives.  I think the blessing has been, that for the past 2 years off the pill I have never reverted back to those dark days until this particular morning….at approximately 2:30 am.  At first I tried to pretend it wasn’t happening and got in the car and drove to our designated trail head. It was a crazy beautiful drive and the day was unspeakably beautiful, I knew this was the day for the hike I had planned.

When I pulled up to the trail head all I could think was, I can’t take any more Advil without throwing up and I can’t walk without any more advil….. It was decided right then,  as the most spectacular pinks lit up the sky and mountains all around, this hike was not happening….*** DONE WITH FEMALE ISSUES DISCUSSION******

I spent that day in bed and woke on Sunday hungry for a hike and that is how I found myself on Mt. Falcon ( hike details here).

I love November on the front range…one of the best kept secrets is that Denver is crazy mild while the mountains get hammered all winter long, Mt. Falcon was perfect for the hiking that Sunday. It was sunny warm and exhilarating as we flew up the mountain.  We started later than we normally do, so it was much more crowded than we are used too.

I left late and was breaking in new hiking shoes but we still made great time.  We did 10-ish miles with 2100ft+ elevation gain in just 3 hours, it felt so good.  Well mostly good, it was also an interesting and perfect day to be out on the trail.  Sundays aren’t a regular occurrence anymore and the people out with us were a great variety.  I could do without the smokers though…….

The views were amazing, the hike invigorating and my spirits up…. Love hiking!

Denver from the tower

Denver from the tower

Evergreen Mountain, Evergreen CO (Repeater) Girls Hike #3, hiked 10/20/13

9 Nov


I love a weekend where I get to hike twice and I super love hikes with my girlfriends!  This particular weekend was extra great because both happened!

I am such a lucky girl!

I woke up early Sunday all excited for my girlfriend hike and then got my second cancellation… but that still left me one girlfriend to enjoy the day with.  I will tell you that I was somewhat tired from Bergen Peak the day before( and celebratory drinking post hike) but I at least I had a good idea of trail conditions, since Evergreen Mt at Three Sisters/Aldfer (Hike details here) was just a few miles away and this is where I was taking my girlfriend(s).  I had decided as I was getting ready and that even if they all canceled I would still go…. But Carrie was my trooper and showed up early even!

The weather was not what I had hoped, it was going to be a tough hike for her and I wanted our typical blue bird skies when we got to the summit so that it all felt extra worth it.  But in the end she totally rocked it and the cloudy skies gave a beautiful depth and moodiness to Mt. Evans that isn’t normally there on a sunny day.   Which was kind of better, a moody Mt. Evans is incredibly beautiful, worth all that effort and more.

Hiking with Carrie was wonderful.  Not only did I get to be a hiking guide, but I got to spend good time with one of the most amazing people I have ever met.  She has been an incredible friend to me since I moved here and someone I have come to rely on heavily for advice.  This hike was no different, she is such  a true and amazing friend I was so thankful to get the morning to talk and hike with her.

The trail itself was in ok shape, it was hit hard in the floods we had in September but had faired better then other trails…. only one section was closed and there were some washouts along the way but nothing too bad.  I was glad we could enjoy it that day.

On the bonus side, we had the trail mostly to ourselves all the way up and Carrie blew my mind with how quickly she was moving up the trail.  On the way down we saw all the traffic of the day and strangely  they were all bizarrely attractive men.  We laughed a lot about it and simply enjoyed the view!!!!!

I know I say it a lot, but on this day like so many others, I was reminded of why I moved here and why I love hiking so much!!!

me n carrie carrie n evans me n carrie 2 fav 1


Bergen Peak, Evergreen CO (Repeater) Hiked 10/19/13

30 Oct
VIew at the top

View at the top

I have become obsessed with and their facebook page.  Reading all the trip reports and seeing the excellent pictures of those incredible people climbing 14ers with like 3 feet of snow already fallen up that high, well it makes me feel pretty wimpy!

It has also given me some insight as to how quickly winter has set in above the tree line this year, as those amazing people are postholing up to their thighs while they climb up.  I don’t remember it being like that last fall and I am extra mad at myself for not pushing harder then to take advantage of that dry fall.

With that in mind, I decided to check out a trial I knew would get us close to 10,000 feet up in elevation to get an idea of what it might look like right now.  I went to Bergen peak (Hike details here).  It is a long hike but the views are always wonderful at the top.

There was definitely snow but no so much until we got closer to the summit trail and the snow we did have wasn’t icy yet, we were early enough.  Mostly we just worked our way up the trail.

Upon reaching the final summit climb the snow got a little deeper but in the end wasn’t so bad.   It was a beautiful day to be out on the trail and strangely we had it mostly to ourselves.   We saw a few people going up… a few people at the summit and then a few people on the way down.  It was a little weird… but I won’t complain as I love having a normally busy trail like this one to ourselves.

As always, it was a great hike and the day was perfect!  The snow wasn’t a big deal although the mud on the way down did get a little tiresome.

Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak


Deer Creek Canyon, Littleton CO for like the millionth time. Hiked 10/13/13

24 Oct


I will say the weekend when my bestie was here went too fast but it was a really wonderful  48 hour visit.  It is amazing the effect your best friend can have in such a short period of time.  It was so hard seeing her go and I am not typically a very emotional person, but  I cried the whole way home from the airport.  I think it also had a lot to do with my new reality…..

When I had left to take her to the airport early that morning I had not slept a wink the night before and decided no hike for this weekend, but on the way home I started to feel so bad that I knew just getting out on the trail would help me turn it around at least a little.

We packed up quickly and headed out to Deer Creek.  It was around 10AM when we started, and the parking lot was surprisingly  empty for a late Sunday morning.  I will tell you that I was also a little hung over, not so much because I drank too much but because I drank and got like 15 minutes of sleep the night before.

I just wanted to get in some exercise with beautiful views to clear my head and get a better perspective on life, this hike was perfect for that.   We got in almost 9 miles with around 1700 total feet of elevation gain and we did it in record time at 2.5 hours.   It really felt good to do so much in such a short period of time.   The big shocker was how few people were out there with us, the day couldn’t have been more perfect for hiking this trail and so few people were enjoying it there.  I hope they were enjoying it on another trail!

As always this trail is my favorite go to when time is short but a hike is necessary and this day was no different.   Love you Deer Creek Canyon!

Mt. Falcon, Morrison CO hiked 10/5/13

23 Oct


I was extra super crazy lucky after my sister left in that my bestie was coming 2 weeks later for a quick visit and she was bringing her youngest son!

With that in mind, I decided to hit Mt. Falcon again on the weekend in between visitors.  Plus we got a small snow the Friday before and I knew even with some snow Mt. Falcon ( Hike Details Here) could give a good challenge with lots of miles and we could crush it in short order, then get the house ready for our next set of guests.

View of Denver as we started to climb

View of Denver as we started to climb

View from the back side as the clouds cleared out

View from the back side as the clouds cleared out

It was a crisp morning and for some reason the beginning of this hike always takes my breath away.  We made excellent time up to the West Parking lot and even shared the trail with these 2 flirty does.

The does


Try to find the Buck

Try to find the Buck

Since we made such good time we decided to hit  another part of the trail system we hadn’t checked out yet.  So we did Eagle’s Eye Shelter and the Tower trail up to the actual peak of Mt. Falcon( at least I think).  It was so cute and Tower trail really had a tower on it.  Eagle’s Eye Shelter really was an old summer home turned into a nice picnic and viewing area.  I loved them and loved the views from them.

Egale eye shelter Eagle eye shelter2 tower trail Horses and hikes


There really is  a tower on Tower Trail

There really is a tower on Tower Trail

In the end we did around 10.5 miles with 2200ish feet of elevation gain in just 3.5 hours.  We figured out we jogged a little more than 2 miles on the way down, it felt pretty good and got us done even more quickly.  I am not usually  a faster is better person but knowing we had lots of prep work at home for our next set of visitors made a quick hike necessary.  I have to say I am getting more used to the jogging down portion of our hikes lately.  Who knows maybe one day I will even find my way to trail running…although it is unlikely.

Me in the tower

Me in the tower

It was a beautiful day… are some of our favorite pictures.


View of Denver from the tower


View of Denver zoomed up


Trying to be artsy


White Ranch Park – Rawhide Trail, *Repeater* Hiked 9/2/13

5 Sep
Beautiful day to hike

Beautiful day to hike

When I have a long weekend ahead all I can think about is how I get to hike 2 times in the course of the weekend.  A hike we haven’t visited forever was the Rawhide Trail  ( Click the link for hike details) at White Ranch Park.  It is now an easy hike for us but it is a favorite one and I wanted to test out my new activity of jogging part of the trail.

I will admit that the original plan had been to do this hike on Sunday, with Monday left as a day to clean the house, maybe get some Halloween decorations up ( yes Halloween…..I am a Halloween lovin super freak) and possibly veg out on some Netflix.  However I over indulged on Saturday during our post James Peak Summit  liquid celebration and I woke up Sunday with the worst hangover I have had in almost 18 months!  Needless to say, I was not hiking anything on Sunday, but I was determined to get my second hike in and so bright and early Monday morning I hit the Rawhide trail.

It was great to see the trial again, the last time we had hiked was when my nieces were here 6 months ago.  The pace we set was aggressive, we really pushed ourselves to move as fast as we could, in fact I was surprised when we got to almost halfway in just 45 minutes and that was with a lot of climbing up.  Then we started jogging all the descents, it was a great way to challenge myself.  Before I knew it we were back at the parking lot in just an hour and a half.

The first time I did this hike, it took me over 3 hours and I was a wreck at the end, thinking that harder hikes were so far out of reach.  To be back here 18 months later crushing it the way we did on Monday….well it was pretty awesome!

These short weeks are usually torture but I have been feeling pretty awesome about how far I have come in my journey.   I am so excited and nervous about our hike this weekend!   We are getting up at 1:30 ish in hopes of getting to the summit by sunrise!  Wish us luck!!


Catching up – 2 posts in 1. Weigh in and my 8/17/13 hike

25 Aug


It has been a weird and crazy couple of weeks, as a result I have been very neglectful to my blog so I am going to catch it up with this combined post.

I have been fighting really hard to not give in to my bad eating habits and it paid off….I managed to take off the weight I gained back and so I am at 57.4 Lbs lost, 32.6 left to go. Yay! I just focused on working out and staying within my daily calorie allotment.

My hike last weekend ended up being a repeater. I woke up at 4AM with every intention of doing a new hike but just felt really off , like I am pretty sure I cannot do a 5-7 hour hike off, adding in 3 hours of travel time ( round trip) seemed near impossible. After my weight gain I didn’t want to not do anything either and since I was already up, I headed off to Deer Creek Canyon.  It is close to home and I knew that I could get a quick 8.6 miles in with a decent leg workout.

I will admit that I felt funky at the beginning of the hike but soon found my legs and really started moving. There is something about knowing your hike so intimately that makes it fly by and seem much easier than it used to feel.  Before I knew it I was on the final mile, which is completely downhill, and so I decided to jog it. I have started noticing that smaller steps feel much better on my tired feet when the end of a hike is near and  I am struggling with the downhill return, the only way to take smaller steps comfortably is to jog a little. Since I was feeling so good I thought I would test out how it would feel to jog for an extended period of time. It felt good and I was surprised at how far I made it. It kinda made me sit back and think hmmmm, I wonder what else I can do now that I could never even consider before.  I ended up finishing the hike in under 3 hours, a personal best for me.  Unfortunately the rest of the weekend was spent in bed feeling terrible.  I am so glad I got out when I could and I think it actually helped me get back to working out faster.  Monday morning’s workout was surprisingly good.

I did do a new hike this weekend and did some jogging again at the end, it felt great….I see a new me coming around the corner, one that might actually jog occasionally.  Who knew someone who hates jogging with a passion could find a way to like it through hiking?

Meyer Ranch Park- Jefferson County Open Space 2nd Official Girls Hike , Conifer CO Hiked 7/28/13

1 Aug


Owls Perch > Lodgepole Loop > Sunny Aspen Trail > Old Ski Run Loop > Sunny Aspen Trail > Lodgepole Loop > Owls Perch

Starting Elevation: 7900 ft

Highest Elevation:  8770 ft ( total gain was around 900 feet in elevation gain)

Trail Length: 5 Miles

Trail Uses:  Hiker, Biker & Horses

Degree of Difficulty: Easy

Bathrooms:  Yes a vault toilet about half a mile up Owls Perch trail from the parking lot

Pets:  Yes – On leash only

Fees:  None

park Map

I was lucky enough  to hike 2 times this past weekend and the second time was with my favorite Colorado girlfriends.  I am so honored that they trust me enough to take them hiking and I was super impressed that they were such troopers!  We met at 6:30AM on Sunday and it seemed like the minute we got in the car to go to the trailhead, it started raining.  Not too bad, but it still hadn’t stopped when we got to the park which is kinda of an odd occurrence in Colorado, usually it is a quick downpour and then done.

We started up the trail and actually liked the way the rain and clouds enhanced all the colors of this trail.  It was a very easy grade up and the trail was nice and wide most of the way.

Starting out

Starting out the Owls Perch Trail after the Bathroom

The signage is really great on this trail and since our goal was to go through the whole park it was easy to keep moving forward through each trail break.   I had read a lot about this trail before I picked it, what stood out most was that it is all in the pines and there is never really any great “View” to climb too, but I also knew that a couple of my companions were  a little nervous about how much they would be able to handle and some needed a little extra shade to hike comfortably.

Rainy Break

Karin, Lisa & Carrie getting hot in the rain…to peel off layers or not?

I think this is a great starter hike in terms of getting comfortable with a steady climb over very easy terrain.  It is one of those trails that even in the rain there wasn’t any mud, just wet sand with a few rocks and very easy to get through during yucky conditions, although I have read that because of all the shade it takes a while for the snow to melt.  Something to consider if you want to do this in late fall, winter or Early Spring.

Ldgepole to Sunny Aspen

We took Owl’s Perch to Lodgepole to Sunny Aspen – It is very easy to follow

I was surprised my wonderful friends were game to keep hiking in the rain, even as we all started getting pretty hot from exertion but had to stay covered because of the wetness.

Trail COndtions 2

trail conditions as we made our way to Old Ski Run Trail – Beautifully wide with a nice gentle incline

We got to the top Old Ski Hill loop pretty quickly and just as the rain started to let up, so we all stripped a layer because we were crazy hot in our rain gear.

Old ski run loop

Old Ski Run Trail and the halfway point of the hike.

There were a few switchbacks to climb with a very gentle grade and before we knew it we were at the highest part. It was at this point I realized I left all my good cameras at home so I did just a few quick pictures of the trail itself and my beautiful companions with my iPhone.

At the highest point

Carrie, Karin & Lisa at the top part of the loop and our highest point for the day.

Trail on the ki loop

The Old Ski Run Loop leveled off pretty quickly after just a few easy switchbacks

The view

Looking around at the top

Fog coming in

You can’t really tell but we could see all the clouds in between the mountains around us. I still like this picture despite its lack of “view”

We found a rock outcropping to climb to in hopes of seeing more of a view, but there just isn’t one on this trail and while we were checking out what we could see more people heading up joining us so we headed back down after spending just 10 minutes exploring.

Sunny Aspen Trail  to the Lodgepole loop

We went left at the trail break to experience the other side of the park on journey back to the car.

The journey down was much busier then the one up, in fact we had almost the whole hike up to ourselves.  Coming down we crossed paths with lots of other hikers enjoying the short break in the weather we would end up having on Sunday.  It always makes me happy I started early when the trail starts to get crowded.

Owls perch trail break

The last trail break to the Bathroom and then the parking lot

Although I didn’t know it when I picked this hike, it was absolutely the best hike for a rainy day like we had on Sunday.  Now is it the best hike to get your Colorado beauty on, I am not too sure about that.  I wanted to make sure my friends had fun while getting a nice workout in and again this trail is perfect for that.  I am pretty excited to say that all 3 ladies are already asking about our next girls hike so I think they liked it enough to get the hiking bug.

I would like to see this one again maybe in the fall to see how changing environment changes the views and maybe it would make me love it a little more.  It is a beautiful hike, don’t get me wrong I may be getting addicted to all those summit views I had the pleasure of enjoying, so I did leave the trail thinking I never need to do this one again but now a few days later I am not so sure.

The best part of the day was really Carrie, Karin & Lisa ( Poor Julie got sick just that morning and had to cancel at the last-minute).  There is something about having such good friends along and showing them what has been gobbling up all my weekends, then them totally getting it.

Directions:  Take US Highway 285 South from C-470 towards Aspen Park.  Exit the highway at mile marker 239, onto South Turkey Creek Road.  The overflow parking area is on the north side of highway 285; go underneath Highway 285 to access the main parking lot.

Elk Range Trail, Centennial Cone Park- Golden CO Hiked 7/27/13

27 Jul
My Favorite view

My Favorite view

Elk Range Trail> Travois Trail>Juniper Trail>Mayhem Gulch Trail> Travois> Elk Range Trail

Starting Elevation: 7750 ft

Highest Elevation:  7900- ish ft ( Lots of ups and downs gave us a total of 1100 feet in elevation gain)

Trail Length:  The whole park can get you around 12-15 miles of hiking but we hit up 9 miles today with the initial intention of only getting in 7miles.  For the first time ever my fitbit matched the trail map information.

Trail Uses:  Hiker, Biker, Horses share on weekdays  – On the weekends it is hiker only on odd days & Biker only on Even days.

Degree of Difficulty:  Easy to Moderate, mostly because of potential trail length

Bathrooms:  Yes at all 3 parking lots

Pets:  Yes but dogs must be on leash and for the first time ever they all were on leash!

Fees:  None


We are finally healed enough from our tattoos that we can get back to the exercise we love most, HIKING.   3 weeks of not hiking has taken its toll on both Aaron and I, I mean yeah I got out last weekend but it wasn’t a super challenging hike and I didn’t have my favorite hiking partner with me.   Surprisingly 3 weeks of inaction really effected our stamina and strength,  we both were a little nervous about what might be challenging so when I was looking for a trail this weekend I went with a low one and maybe a little easier than what we normally do.   I have wanted to check out the Centennial Cone Park for almost a year but at first it seemed too hard and then it seemed too easy so I kept passing it over.  It was perfect after a 3 week unexpected break.  We decided we would try out the newly reopened Elk Range Trail and go a little further depending on how we felt physically.

Start of the trail

Start of the trail

The trail itself starts out pretty easy and since we parked at the north parking lot we initially started out going slowly down on a road like path.  Look at the cool bench they have the beginning so you can just enjoy the rolling hills all around:

Cool Bench

The park itself consists of one big loop with 2 side loops near different entrances of the trail(s).  One trail is open most of the year except during December & January, the Travois Trail and it is almost 8 miles one way to the west parking lot.  The other is the Elk Range Trail that closes periodically, during May and June for Elk calving and again December & January for hunting those same elk…weird.  The other thing is that the park alternates on the weekends between biker only(even Days) and hiker only(Odd Days), which I have to say I really love.

The Gate and notices for when the trail is closed

The Gate and notices for when the trail is closed

The trail moves across a couple of hills and in just a 1.4 miles we were upon the private property cross over.  It is before the private property, that if you want to try to make your way to the summit of the Centennial Cone, do it here because the opposite side of it looks much harder to navigate.  It will have to be a path you, find as there is no trail up to the top.  We chose to just play it easy today and went onward to the West Parking lot.

Before coming to Private Property

Before coming to Private Property

Looking back at the way we came

Looking back at the way we came

We made really good time to the private property and actually to the west parking lot 3 miles into the hike, it took us just an hour.  Remember this is private property so stay on the trail, it is nice that they let everyone go through so lets all make sure they don’t stop that kindness.

Gates to cross over to private property

Gates to cross over to private property

View of the Cone after we crossed over the Private Property

View of the Cone after we crossed over the Private Property

We made such good time to the West Parking lot, we decided to go ahead and try to do the extra 2.5 miles by doing quick loop on this end of the park.  We were also feeling deceptively good.

The view as we got closer to the west parking lot

The view as we got closer to the west parking lot

We went down the Travois Trail to pick up the Juniper Trail to the Mayhem Trail and back around to the Travois returning to the Elk Range trail.  The Travois to Juniper to Mayhem was all single track through a little bit of tree coverage so our first, and only,  bit of relief from the sun today.

Take the Travois Trail down to Juniper

Take the Travois Trail down to Juniper

Go right on to the Juniper Trail

Go right on to the Juniper Trail

Trail conditions on this small loop

Trail conditions on this small loop

Coming up to the Mayhem Gulch Trail, offers another small option to lengthen you hike to hit the Mayhem Gulch parking lot.  At this point we started to realize we may have over committed ourselves and so we just took the left and headed back to the Travois trail.

Go left and up to get back

Go left and up to get back

last trail switch Fav 1

Strangely, the trail turned into quite the struggle for me at this point.  My feet apparently aren’t allowed to take any breaks, I am awash with blisters…again!  In the end this trail was perfect to help us gauge what we can do next week and how much our break hurt us.  It changed my plans for the next month which means longer until we climb our next 14er, we are both a little bummed but determined to get back up there as soon as we can.

A couple of things to note, this trail is almost entirely exposed so in the summer go early or late and slather on the sun block.   We were thrilled at how many flowers were out on the trail, this time last year it was so dry and hot, all the flowers had burned out this low.  We were again walking through a parade of flowers the whole time and they were everywhere!!!  I am not sure how long this will last so if you think you want to check out this trail go soon to enjoy all the flowers even the Rangers were surprised at the abundance of flowers.  Finally our choice of starting at the North parking lot meant that we went mostly downhill in the beginning and so the return trip was all up hill.

After the directions will some our favorite pictures from the hike.


North Access: 4306 Camino Perdido, Golden External Link Icon. Horse trailer parking permitted.

West Access: 2234 Douglas Mountain Road, Golden External Link Icon. No horse trailers allowed.

Mayhem Gulch Trailhead, Clear Creek Canyon Road: From Golden, the trailhead is between mile marker 262.5 and 262, 9.5 miles from the intersection of US 6 and State Highway 93, on the north side of the road.



Healing Hike – Deer Creek Canyon, my home away from home 7/20/13

23 Jul
Best view of the day

Best view of the day

I have learned so many big lessons these past 2 weeks, most I don’t ever want to talk about.  The big word I want to focus on is I LEARNED a lot last week…. outside of those things I never want to talk about here, I did learn that while Aaron and I can sit through 3-5 hours of tattooing that doesn’t mean we should.  Healing has been difficult to say the least, and I think this is the first time we have experienced the challenge of healing for a type 1 diabetic.

I had hoped I could start exercising sooner, but so slowly my leg felt better and I could finally start doing walks again last Wednesday almost 2 full weeks after getting my tattoo.  It was strange feeling stuck and not liking it.  I couldn’t sleep well, I stopped tracking calories and then I had a lot of “OTHER” issues to contemplate.  It was a super tough-struggle-to-deal-with-it week….in the end I decided I needed a week break from my new lifestyle.  I get that I shouldn’t ever do this nor should I ever find reasons to make a break OK but last week I needed it and I am washing away my guilt right or wrong.

As I started walking and stretching for the first time in almost 2 weeks it felt sooooo GOOD.  Aaron was not at the same healing place I was but I needed to move forward to get out of my head and house.  We talked about what I could do and decided that Deer Creek Canyon(Hike Details Here) was my best option for a quick centering hike to get me back on track but not too tough for my almost healed tattoo.

I was resigned to hiking alone which is not ideal, but I needed centering so I was ready to find my purpose stick in my head phones and sweat it out.

Strangely  coincidental, I have a good solid group of people I walk with at work every week day and each week I talk about what our hiking plans are then how the hike went.  My walking buddy and friend Lisa asked about my plans and when I said what I was doing she asked if she could join me.  It was perfect!  There is nothing like converting someone  to love hiking to help me get back on track.

Lisa was a super trooper, she is incredibly active but not hiking a couple of mountains active.  Nothing like jumping in and taking on 6+miles with 1300 feet of elevation for her first hike with me.  I was so impressed, she kept a great attitude kept moving and celebrated a little when we started heading down.

The hike and Lisa were exactly what I needed to get me focused on where I want to go.  She loved the hike and helped me remember all that I had accomplished over the past 17 months.  It was great and motivating and lifted me back up to where I needed to be.

This Monday I was back on the plan, exercising counting calories and picking our next hikes. We will be doing an easier hike this weekend because of our unplanned break and Aaron’s still healing tattoo but  its a new one that I have wanted to do for a while.  I will also be doing my monthly girls hike, which is another new one and I got Lisa to sign up for another hike with me…pretty excited about that!