Belcher Hill Trail(repeater Hike)- White Ranch Park, Golden Co Hiked 11/10/13

I was thrilled 2 weeks ago when my friend Tricia from California was in town for a wedding.  That meant I got to spend all of Saturday with her just laughing and drinking…. not so great for my goals but super really good for  my psyche!  We had soo much fun! Ever dedicated to hiking,Continue reading “Belcher Hill Trail(repeater Hike)- White Ranch Park, Golden Co Hiked 11/10/13”

Mt. Falcon, Morrison CO (repeater) hiked 11/3/13

I had great expectations for that this second hike of my 3 day weekend on Saturday…. like climb Mt. Everest expectations….. What I got was not so great. *** WARNING FEMALE ISSUES WILL BE DISCUSSED****There are just days that are not meant to be…. I have been off the pill for 2 years, I canContinue reading “Mt. Falcon, Morrison CO (repeater) hiked 11/3/13”

Carpenters Peak (Repeater) Hiked 11/1/13

Sometimes we need to just stop and take stock….. you know > what is important and what brings happiness, that kind of stock. I had a day that I could take off and I thought why not take it-  try to recenter myself after a really super tough couple of weeks, while knowing I haveContinue reading “Carpenters Peak (Repeater) Hiked 11/1/13”

Deer Creek Canyon, Littleton CO for like the millionth time. Hiked 10/13/13

I will say the weekend when my bestie was here went too fast but it was a really wonderful  48 hour visit.  It is amazing the effect your best friend can have in such a short period of time.  It was so hard seeing her go and I am not typically a very emotional person,Continue reading “Deer Creek Canyon, Littleton CO for like the millionth time. Hiked 10/13/13”

Mt. Falcon, Morrison CO hiked 10/5/13

I was extra super crazy lucky after my sister left in that my bestie was coming 2 weeks later for a quick visit and she was bringing her youngest son! With that in mind, I decided to hit Mt. Falcon again on the weekend in between visitors.  Plus we got a small snow the FridayContinue reading “Mt. Falcon, Morrison CO hiked 10/5/13”

Spruce Mountain Trail, Larkspur CO (Repeater) 9/26/13

A couple of weeks ago I had the best visitor in town….my sister!  While we were planning her visit, she let me know she wanted to see more of Colorado and to see it the way I have been seeing it, by hiking.   We only had 5 days to visit and hike, so likeContinue reading “Spruce Mountain Trail, Larkspur CO (Repeater) 9/26/13”

White Ranch Park – Rawhide Trail, *Repeater* Hiked 9/2/13

When I have a long weekend ahead all I can think about is how I get to hike 2 times in the course of the weekend.  A hike we haven’t visited forever was the Rawhide Trail  ( Click the link for hike details) at White Ranch Park.  It is now an easy hike for us butContinue reading “White Ranch Park – Rawhide Trail, *Repeater* Hiked 9/2/13”

Catching up – 2 posts in 1. Weigh in and my 8/17/13 hike

It has been a weird and crazy couple of weeks, as a result I have been very neglectful to my blog so I am going to catch it up with this combined post. I have been fighting really hard to not give in to my bad eating habits and it paid off….I managed to takeContinue reading “Catching up – 2 posts in 1. Weigh in and my 8/17/13 hike”

Meyer Ranch Park- Jefferson County Open Space 2nd Official Girls Hike , Conifer CO Hiked 7/28/13

Owls Perch > Lodgepole Loop > Sunny Aspen Trail > Old Ski Run Loop > Sunny Aspen Trail > Lodgepole Loop > Owls Perch Starting Elevation: 7900 ft Highest Elevation:  8770 ft ( total gain was around 900 feet in elevation gain) Trail Length: 5 Miles Trail Uses:  Hiker, Biker & Horses Degree of Difficulty:Continue reading “Meyer Ranch Park- Jefferson County Open Space 2nd Official Girls Hike , Conifer CO Hiked 7/28/13”

Bear Peak Via Fern Canyon, Boulder CO 6/1/13

Walter Orr Robert Trail> Mesa> Fern Canyon> Bear Peak Trail> Bear Canyon Trail> Mesa Trail> Walter Orr Robert Trail @NCAR Starting Elevation:  6104 Highest Elevation: 8461 ( with some up s and downs we had a total Elevation gain of a little more than 2600 feet) Trip Length: Officially it is anywhere from 7.5 toContinue reading “Bear Peak Via Fern Canyon, Boulder CO 6/1/13”