Spruce Mountain Trail (open space), Larkspur Colorado 5/26/13

Spruce Mountain Trail> Spruce Mountain Loop> Access Road> Spruce Mountain Trailhead Starting Elevation: 7127Ft. Highest Elevation: 7568, for 550 feet elevation gain, but there is some up and down to if you do the loop I think you get closer to 650 ft Trip Length: Officially 5.5 miles and that is about what my fitbitContinue reading “Spruce Mountain Trail (open space), Larkspur Colorado 5/26/13”

Ben Tyler Trail #606 – 3rd time is NOT the charm! 5/25/13

Ahh how we are gluttons for punishment!  This past week was another perfect, warm week in Denver and as a result we convinced ourselves that we would try Ben Tyler ( Hike Details here) this weekend in hopes the snow was manageable enough to make it to the top.  I cannot tell you how desperateContinue reading “Ben Tyler Trail #606 – 3rd time is NOT the charm! 5/25/13”

Belcher Hill Trail *Repeater Hike*, White Ranch Park – Golden Co 4/27/13

There is that moment every week when I commit to a trail and I always hope that the weather will let us do it.  This week the trail I committed to was too high up after yet another 2 day snow storm on Monday and Tuesday.  All week I debated how smart it would beContinue reading “Belcher Hill Trail *Repeater Hike*, White Ranch Park – Golden Co 4/27/13”

Hiking out of a Hangover – Deer Creek Canyon 4/13/13

Since I started hiking to healthy over a year ago I have been really good about not drinking on Friday nights before our hike, while it is my cheat day I never want to run the chance of a hangover hindering my hike on Saturday. That’s not to say that I still don’t get myContinue reading “Hiking out of a Hangover – Deer Creek Canyon 4/13/13”

Bergen Peak Trail + – Elk Meadow Jefferson County Open Space 4/6/13

I am on cloud 9, seriously 50 pounds lost on my weigh in yesterday and then today we kicked major butt on our hike.  We did Bergen Peak last August and to be honest it was insanely tough then, like I was practically in tears on the way down thinking “why the hell did IContinue reading “Bergen Peak Trail + – Elk Meadow Jefferson County Open Space 4/6/13”

Spring Break Hike #1- White Ranch Park – Rawhide Trail 3/3/13

My nieces arrived early on Saturday for our spring break extravaganza, they are both in college and decided it sounded fun to hang out with me and Aaron for a whole week. I have to admit I had been planning our week for the past 4 months and was so excited to finally get started.Continue reading “Spring Break Hike #1- White Ranch Park – Rawhide Trail 3/3/13”

Mesa Trail – Boulder Co Hiked 2/2/13

Bluebell Road > Mesa Trail Starting Elevation:  5700Ft Highest Elevation: 6482 Ft ( but the trail goes up and down the whole way like we covered  8 ascents and 9 descents, giving an overall elevation gain of 2600- ish for what we completed)  It is a great leg workout! Trail Length:  Officially the Mesa trailContinue reading “Mesa Trail – Boulder Co Hiked 2/2/13”

Repeater hike(s) Roxborough State Park – Carpenters Peak & Fountain Valley Trail 1/25/13

Whenever I go out-of-town, especially to sea level, coming back to Denver is an adjustment, an almost 2 week adjustment.  Since I went to LA for my annual girls trip last Thursday and returned just this past Tuesday, I was not optimistic about my ability to hike anything new or tough.  We decided to goContinue reading “Repeater hike(s) Roxborough State Park – Carpenters Peak & Fountain Valley Trail 1/25/13”

Waterton Canyon, Littleton 1/12/13

Waterton Canyon/ The Colorado Trail Segment 1: Starting elevation:  5550 Ft Highest Elevation: 5721 Ft ( total gain of 171 ft but strangely I got 90 flight of stairs on my fitbit….) Trail Length: We did a total trip of 8.5 miles, 4.25 in and back.  This is a trail with endless possibilities given itContinue reading “Waterton Canyon, Littleton 1/12/13”

My Break from EVERYTHING!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! I am getting back from self imposed break from everything…. I am re-energized by my visit with my family (most of them pictures above) for Christmas but to be honest I didn’t care a lick about what I ate and the quantities in which I ate it.  I have not stepped onContinue reading “My Break from EVERYTHING!!!!”