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Bergen Peak Trail + – Elk Meadow Jefferson County Open Space 4/6/13

6 Apr
The view at the top - Mt. Evans

The view at the top – Mt. Evans

I am on cloud 9, seriously 50 pounds lost on my weigh in yesterday and then today we kicked major butt on our hike.  We did Bergen Peak last August and to be honest it was insanely tough then, like I was practically in tears on the way down thinking “why the hell did I let myself get this way”…. it felt great to finish it with more of a “wow I can still do more” today.

First, we did a repeater today because frankly the weather is all over the place and I am super not confident about what we can do when the trail gets insanely unpredictable.  For me, a trail I know is much easier than one I don’t regardless of what ice and snow may be present.  Plus this park is amazing and it got us up to 9700 ft, we need to gain altitude and work on our lungs again, so I managed to get an extra 2 miles out of this park, which is of course not that hard.   So in total we did “officially” 12.5 miles and my fitbit said 13.5 miles, which took us 6 hours to complete.

In looking for any recent hikes here, I found very few pictures showing trail conditions, so here they are.  There is not much before we got to the Bergen Peak trail, then there is ice and snow periodically throughout:

fav 2

but really until we got to the summit trail at the top, we didn’t need any aids.  It was mostly bursts of ice here and there, but at the top is was consistently snow and ice.


And it was still not that bad, probably because we were some of the first on the trail  so the ice hadn’t settled in when we passed through so we never put anything on until the way down and then it was only me wearing extra help.  I imagine that after we went through it may have been a little more challenging but by then it was getting warmer and digging in was not all that bad.

The day was perfect, it started out a little chilly with some clouds expected.  For the first time we didn’t over dress, even though we had more on board just in case. As we climbed there were things we hadn’t seen the last time we hiked this, like Pike’s Peak.

Pike's Peak - our peek of it lower on the trail

Pike’s Peak – our peek of it lower on the trail

When we hiked this last August,we were in the middle of  a series of fires and the views were limited because of all the haze from those.  I had no idea that we would be able to see Pike’s peak on a clearer day, it is 60-ish miles south of Bergen peak, so imagine my delight as looking up from our climb up to see this.


The other bonus on hiking today, there was not all that many people out this early in the season we didn’t even see one other person until we got on the summit trail and then it was 3  people in like an hour.  We were almost 9 miles through the hike before traffic picked up.  It looks like the lower trails have much more traffic this time of year.

All and all, it was a great hike and we felt really good getting it done in a way that made us feel so strong and confident about our future hikes.

Here are our favorite pictures from the hike, and for the record I am in love with Mt.Evans.  Everyday it greets me as I go to work and tells me the weekend is going to be awesome because it means I will be up there, some where getting more views of the amazing prowess of mother nature.  Please forgive my over attention to it, this hike gives you breathtaking views of Mt. Evans and so I couldn’t help myself in paying it extra homage!  Do this hike if you can one day, it is worth every single step!

The view from the summit trail facing northwest

The view from the summit trail facing northwest

Fav1 off the trailPikes Peak1Denver

North Front rangeMt.Evans 1Me on the edge

Mt. Evans 2meMt. Evans 4

We made itUS close