Carpenters Peak (Repeater) Hiked 11/1/13


Sometimes we need to just stop and take stock….. you know > what is important and what brings happiness, that kind of stock.

I had a day that I could take off and I thought why not take it-  try to recenter myself after a really super tough couple of weeks, while knowing I have a really tough couple of months/years ahead of me…. So what does a crazy hike lover like myself do when she plans out a 3 day weekend?  She  hikes ….and so I did.

Friday morning I woke up when I woke up and then headed over to Roxborough state park, not for a super hard hike(because I drank too much the night before) but because it is beautiful ….all year round and nothing feels better than a little bit of beautiful when things are tough.  I decided that I wanted a great hike up Carpenters Peak ( hike details here).

As I pulled into the parking lot, these 4 lovely older women were just finishing up their hike for the day.  They were graceful, healthy and just plain happy.  I am guessing here, but I think they were in their 60’s they moved and looked amazing, like I want to look like that >amazing.  I was incredibly nosey( as I always am) and overheard that this was just one of many hikes they had enjoyed just that week, I was crazy jealous.  How do I get there to hiking through out the weekdays and planning other activities around my hikes with my hiking buddies/groups.  It was a revelation.

The hike itself was perfect, it was cool and when it got too hot it we were rewarded with some snow to cool us down.  We had it to ourselves almost to the top and then on the way down we just crossed paths with a few other hikers….the benefits of taking off a weekday to hike.

I say it too much…but I love it here! To be able to drive just 30 minutes and get views like this, well spectacular…. I am a lucky girl!

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4 thoughts on “Carpenters Peak (Repeater) Hiked 11/1/13

  1. Looks beautiful! Colorado has some amazing views, we’re so lucky to live in a state that has all these great trails to get out and about!

  2. I feel the same way you do when I look at older women hiking (not that 60ish is old, but it’s older than me). I want to do that. I remember seeing a woman in her 80s hiking, albeit she had help from her family, but nonetheless, she was out there at the high sierra camp and the only way to get there was to hike! I hope you’re doing well and that you found your re-centering point.

    1. Thanks Janet! I am doing OK… everything will be ok eventually…. I love the idea of hiking when I 80….gotta make that happen!!! Thanks for the encouragement!!!

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